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To optimize your WordPress blog or website, it is crucial, that you have the right WordPress SEO Plugins to get you started! 

With natural enhancements on Meta Data, search engines boost the way search results rank your site, and give it the response it requires.

As there are many Plugins that cater to SEO optimization, we have carefully chosen five WordPress SEO Plugins–to give insight on what works for your website or blog. 

Are you a newbie and wondering if this works for you, then you have nothing to worry about.

These Plugins are perfect for newbies or new businesses who want a jump start in their career and build a dream empire–from the get-go. 

This will not only give them steady momentum but also generate traffic that will increase visibility, income, and value.

Here’s a list of five WordPress SEO Plugins that we highly recommend you to check out for the growth of your business:

Reliable WordPress SEO Plugins to Rank Your Site in Google

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is an open source Plugin that can be used by newbies to optimize their websites.

It has a user-friendly interface, and advanced features if you want to add a little more oomph to your blog or website.

It has compatibility with various other plugins and generates Meta tags automatically.

If you feel need to know more on how your Plugin supports your website, this Plugin has Google Analytics support which can be easily integrated on to your website.

To top it all, it is the only Plugin out of all WordPress SEO Plugins that provide SEO Integration for e-Commerce sites, including WooCommerce.

For an added kick, this Plugin has built-in security, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages support, and automatic optimization of titles for Google and other search engines.

Conversely, another aspect that makes it unique is that all features are not enabled automatically and you can easily choose which modules or functions you want for your website — making your choice rather easy.

This article will show you how to install, setup, and use All in One SEO plugin in WordPress


  • No Google Search Console Integration
  • No Advanced SEO Analysis
  • No Content Analysis
Yoast SEO Plugin

If you’re getting worried about ranking high enough, Yoast SEO has a remarkable standing.

Yoast SEO is by far one of the most popular WordPress SEO Plugins that gives you not only a variety of options but also a lot of control on your site’s content, Metadata, and social sharing information.

These can be altered on a post-by-post basis and are customizable. It is very easy for beginners and those who want to build an advanced setup.

Yoast SEO Plugin setup

Setting up site maps, are as easy as pie, and advanced features are manually accessible if you want to add more features.

It also has keyword optimization, social media previews, and readability checks to avoid plagiarism and perform grammar checks.

However, the advanced version gives you that and much more, for a little price, such as content insights, redirect management, suggestions for links to other pages for your website, clear overview of your target keywords and SEO scores.

It also provides a year of free access to a 24x7 support team. This is a standout in the world of WordPress SEO Plugins and is a must-have if you want additional features.

This  guide  will hel you putting the right basic settings in place for Yoast Plugin. 

Yoast SEO Plugin features

Cons :

  • There is no comparative reporting to log rank baseline or improvement.
  • A lot manual things to be done 
  • No SEO Analysis Score

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SEOPress is yet again a powerful Plugin and can be used to boost your traffic, create customized XML and HTML sitemaps, manage redirections, etc. which are all similar to Yoast SEO.

However, what makes it unique is the temptation of having no ads. Therefore, one of the best features of this Plugin out of all WordPress SEO Plugins is–not having to deal with the annoyance of advertising–on both its free or premium packages.

Moreover, it does not leave footprints which is a useful, quirky feature and has backend and frontend content analysis to help you write search engine optimized content.

SEOPress Features

There are a lot of features that SEOPress has that other WordPress SEO Plugins including Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack don’t have.

If you want to know the comparison between all three–and decide which one fits your unique business setting, here is a table to help you further.

Yoast vs SEOpress


  • If you aren't familiar with SEO or even wordpress this tool will be confusing.
  • The good features included in the Pro version only. 
Rank Math

Rank Math has similar features to that of other WordPress SEO Plugins but what makes it stand out from the rest is the Google Webmaster Central Integration which illustrates keywords that you rank for, your sitemap status and indexing issues.

Rank Math practically configures itself, with step-by-step installation and configuration wizard for early beginners, and has a clean and straightforward interface.

Rank Math interface

The plugin automatically adds Alt and title attributes to your images instead of having to worry about Image SEO, which is nonexistent in many WordPress SEO Plugins.

Moreover, it provides various features such as previewing how your post appears on SERPs, and how it looks once shared on social media.

It also allows you to preview rich snippets which gives you additional information on your users, articles, posts, products, recipes, events, videos and local businesses.

Apart from that, it has a keyword comparison and Google trend tool and Google crawl errors.

Like some WordPress SEO Plugins, Rank Math gives you full control of your on-page SEO, where you can use either index or no-index your features, manually or via auto-pilot.

Compare Rank Math, Yoast SEO and AIO SEO.


  • Sitemap strategy is not clear.
  • Limited documentation, SEO Analysis is a little over engineered.
Squirrly SEO Plugin

Some WordPress SEO Plugins are devoted to SEO-related tasks. However, Squirrly SEO gives you the knowledge, tools, and direction to shift your SEO results into top gear.

This combination has already helped grow organic traffic by +285%.

Squirrly gives you the knowledge to maximize your SEO awareness, by using free coaching sessions to master the basics of SEO and familiarize yourself with advanced tactics. 

The tools assist you in using your automation features, such as keyword search, on-page optimization, and weekly SEO audit in a way that generate more traffic and higher conversions.

Moreover, to meet the ever constant evolving needs that most of us have, the in-plugin guidance and support team will address your concerns and guide you wherever needed, to avoid the common SEO mistakes.


  • Lack of training materials 
  • Not recommended for beginners


Conclusively, these WordPress SEO Plugins will help you generate more traffic and be the stepping stone, of you diving into the world of high ranks, customer growth and greater visibility.

However, to get more hits make sure that your WordPress site loads fast and your content is desirable, inviting and crisp for users to enjoy.

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