twitter engagement, Best Tools and tactics

You have Create a Twitter account, that's fine. But that is not enough. The most important - and most difficult - is to increase the followers, to create a real community, and involve the community.

It is not enough to post some tweets from time to time to capture the attention of your followers, and they interact with you. Some techniques have to keep in mind to increase the engagement of your community.

1-Add a personal photo to your profile

I start with the base of the base! The first thing to do when you open a Twitter account is to change the default image, which looks like an egg.

Indeed, it is clear that you're not out of your shell, that is to say that your account is not very mature.

 In addition, it does not contribute to creating links with other twittos: we do not know who you really are, which makes it rather suspicious (many Twitter accounts are fake!).

If you represent a company, the ideal is to replace the default visual logo. If you communicate as a person, a picture of you is needed, or, alternatively, an avatar. The rule is simple: a visual that identifies you and inspires confidence.

2-Look after your bio

Bio is the short description that accompanies your profile picture on Twitter. It must describe in a few words who you are and what you do on Twitter. Successful bio meets at least three criteria:it presents succinctly,it has a few choice keywords that indicate your interests (to highlight using the # symbol in front of each of them)

Do not stuff your bio keywords, it will be difficult to read, indicating a low investment or turned directly ROI. Try rather humanize it by adding a personal or funny sentence.

3-Welcome your new subscribers

If your account is able to regularly generate new subscribers, you will probably arrive not at all welcome ... Think still posting occasionally a welcome message: it shows your customers that they are not a figure in your meter. And a warm welcome can encourage others to come join the group!

4-Use the hashtags

hashtags in twitter

The hashtag is these little words that begin with the pound symbol (#). They correspond to a tag system of your tweets and allow your customers to more easily identify those of interest.

Using popular hashtags can be a great way to increase visibility. However, apart from the trending topics accessible from Twitter, it is difficult to identify them. Fortunately, the tools allow you to get statistics on hashtags and identify those being the most popular compared to the subject in your tweet.

Top 4 sites to find the most popular hashtags

You use hashtags for social media marketing, then try to see how your competitors are using hashtags in your business. Here are the top 5 sites to find the most popular hashtags on social media.

  • Hashtagify is an online tool to determine the popularity of a hashtag and its various links with other "sharp words."
  • Tagboard is a tool for monitoring and research on social networks via tags. It allows you to search all publications issued on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ .
  • Twitag is a detector hashtag on Twitter.
  • Hashtracking offers hashtags historical and real time, but also monitoring tools hashtags. It allows quick access to data to help you lead successful campaigns.

P.S , read the Guidelines of hashtags before you start

4-Thank the people that mention you

When someone follows you, sharing one of your articles, retweet or share your content, it shows an interest in what you do.

 It's like a customer walks into your store: maybe they will not buy this time but it is an opportunity for you to know and tell them that you appreciate their interest.

By engaging them in conversation, you make sure they remember who you are, and they come back.

5-Use the private messages only individually

Private messages (or "DM" for "Direct Message") automated are very badly seen by twitter !

 Nothing is more infuriating than a company that sends you untargeted communications, regardless of who you are. It has a very impersonal side, which is ironic because social networks should instead be used to build relationships .

 By cons, a customized private message can be fun, provided you do not abuse it. By using this way, you humanize the relationship and you stand out for companies that send DM spams

6-Specify your location

You can fill in your profile and the city where you live. This is important to create a close relationship with your target.

People living in the same city will indeed be more likely to follow you because they already have something in common with you. This is important in building trust ; I will follow and ask my neighbor than asking someone from a far country or city .Who knows, maybe you'll come across some day?

7-Follow regular people's profiles that interest you

To gradually increase your community, subscribe to new accounts regularly. If they have similar interests to yours, there are chances that they will then subscribe to your account. Furthermore, having a subscribers / subscriptions reasonable ratio shows others twitters you are active and you want to bond, not only to be followed in one way.

8-Interact, Interact, Interact!

In general, the best way to engage your target is to interact with them. You can for example:

the retweet
mention to engage in dialogue with them
praise them for good content
thank when involved in promoting your content or your company
put some of their favorite tweets and respond to them
wish them a good day / good weekend / a good evening
creating interaction by sending a photo, a friendly message etc.

9-Tweet regularly

Publications on twitter have very short lifetimes, 4 hours and 4 minutes. If you want one notices you, so you have to tweet regularly to ensure interaction. Also pay attention to your schedule publications.

 There are no scientific rules on best scientific schedules but there are many powerful tools including twitter analytics that can help you analyze how your tweets period generates the highest engagement rates.

Here are some tools to help you get engaged and organized

twitter analytics
  • socialoomph Easily schedule updates, find quality people to follow, and monitor social media activity
  • qweboo If you connect Qweboo to your Twitter account, it will start fetching your Home timeline and analyze tweets as they come in, organizing them into “Live Page” topical interest feeds
qweboo fr twitter
  • manageflitter - This tool allows you to discover users you should be following and find the users that you should probably unfollow
  • BuzzSumo - Find the Most Shared Content and Key Influencers 
buzzmo for twitter
  • Twibble A-Better-RSS-feed-to-Twitter-Service,. You can now regularly feed relevant content to your Twitter account such as Mashable, Tech Crunch etc..
  • Foller - is a Twitter application that provides detailed information about an account in record time. The information is analyzed from the last 100 tweets.
  • Hootsuite - Hootsuite's social media analytics give you an in-depth view of how well your social media efforts are being received
  • Riffle – Created by CrowdRiff, this free tool provides Twitter engagement insight and analytics in real time.
  •  By using this tool, you’ll be able to understand your Twitter account in a matter of seconds.It allows you to discover who you should be interacting with, who you should probably follow
commun for twitter

Now it’s your turn

Finding time to successfully manage your social accounts can be hard. There are many known tools saves time others recommend like buffer, Spruce and Tweet Jukebox .Here i have focused on some of the famouse and effective tools to increase productivity in Twitter.

Now What Twitter apps do you use to manage and update your Twitter account? What apps do your favorite Twitterers use this year ? hare your thoughts and reviews above this best Twitter tools list in the comment form below.