the top 12 SEO mistakes You should avoid

the top 12 SEO mistakes You should avoid


If you are interested in SEO, you will have noticed that the search engines and their algorithms are constantly changing. To improve the user experience of your website and be better referenced on search engines, you will need to adopt a strategy focused on your users.

SEO is not just to be positioned on keywords. A good strategy involves different steps combined in order to increase the performance of your site, its optimization on search engines and last but not least, the interest of your visitors …

Remember, the three main Google algorithms: Google Panda, Google Penguin and Google Hummingbird (Hummingbird) respectively aim to penalize poor quality sites, that on-optimized SEO (including with the use of netlinking and therefore unnatural backlinking) or the relevance of search results and the accessibility of mobile websites.

This is a partial list of different points to avoid if you want to improve the SEO performance of your website and provide a more enjoyable user experience when browsing your site.

The robots travel the content of the sites on the web looking for keywords to index them in databases of search engines. So it is Important to Judge the Value of a Keyword

To be well positioned on search engines, it is essential to provide users with rich content, interesting and above all original!

For this, it is important to write by putting in place of the readers to give them as much information to meet their needs and expectations when they visit your site.

Duplicate content penalties often trigger SEO, especially when text is copied verbatim without any added value. Plagiarism generally causes indexation of the relevant page.

According to a new study from Raven Tools has uncovered a few major on-page elements being overlooked today, with a major offender being duplicate content. According to the results, 29 percent of websites are dealing with duplicate content, and furthermore, a whopping 80 percent of websites aren’t currently using sourced by

The texts must be original and understandable by visitors. Adapted for the web, your content should be accessible and consistent. By adapting your text to your target and valuing all information necessary to satisfy your users, you make sure to lower the bounce rate of your site and improve your conversion rate.

One of the biggest strategic mistakes you can make when it comes to your site is to assume that being ranked well on keywords is more or less everything involved an SEO strategy.

What that important, a solid SEO strategy involves more than the rankings on keywords in search engines.

For your website to be able to support the ever-changing algorithms of Google, avoid penalties search engines and become a source of trustworthy quality amid a saturated web content, here are SEO mistakes I advise you to avoid.

Here i will tell you about the top 12 SEO mistakes You should avoid

1-No Internal Links In  your site

link building

Internal links basically mean that a page on a domain name is linked to another page on the same domain name. These links allow users to navigate your website and can contribute to the power of your rankings.

Internal links are also used to implement the architecture of your  website by establishing a hierarchy of content and making your content visible and more easily searchable by search engines.

Failing to link pages on your site together internally, it may be more difficult or even impossible in some cases to the robots of search engines to crawl and index your pages.

Be careful though not to fall into the trap of over-optimization of your internal links, unlike a controlled internal networking strategy may have a negative impact on your positioning.

In addition to links from different pages of your site, it is also possible to use anchors like “items that may interest you.” The anchors should, however, be used sparingly so as not to arouse suspicion of search engines that could punish you.

My advice is Try to link to the high quality website with Good Authority , here care about the quality, not the quantity , 10 Good links better than 1000 bad link.

Check your Links using this Tool 

2-Targetting Poor Keywords

This is very important. Choosing keywords for SEO should not be random. There are many factors to be taken into account to prepare an effective SEO campaign or content writing .

How to search the internet varies from person to person according to gender, age, region, education … tools like Adwords Planner makes it easy to find the various queries used by Internet users to name the same product . Identifying these variations is essential to perform SEO optimization work.An other Great list of Creative Keyword Research Tools is Here.

Do not position on generic keywords that are very competitive in nature. For example, avoid keywords like: “sports”, “computer” or “real estate”.

If we look at the search volume of the keyword “sport”, using Google Adwords we realize that more than 300 000 people will appear in  the search engine per month. If you sell sports equipment for example and you are starting out, avoid this keyword.

3-Have fun only to Search Engine

This is probably one of the most common SEO mistakes. Many websites try at all costs to attract the largest number of internet users possible through a high ranking on search engines.

They do not necessarily take into account the fact that people judge the relevance of a website in less than ten seconds.

Therefore, attracting ten thousand visitors per day on your site will not have any positive impact on your goal if users quickly leave. Be strategic and don’t waste your time and money.

In addition, the bounce rate (percentage of visitors to a website who leave immediately after visiting the first page – the home page or landing page) can affect your futures SEO performance.

A high bounce rate may be indicative of the dissatisfaction of visitors and possibly send the wrong signal to Google SEO.

Read This Guide from optimizing smart to reduce the bounce rate 

4-Forget ALT attributes

When Google ‘crawl’ a website, it can not see your images but only the tags that are assigned to them. It is, therefore, important to choose carefully the words you will use to name the pictures on your website so that they are taken into account by search engines.

Do not label these images is a lost opportunity for SEO. Be sure to replace the generic names of your images (picture-1.jpg, ), by names of significant and relevant files including your keywords.

So you show the search engines that you include consistent and informative images to your content and you allow them to get more information on your site.

5-Too many pages with 404 error

If your site is experiencing 404 errors, Google thinks that your website has a quality problem.

No need to comb your site to find these pages if you use Google Webmaster Tools. Just search crawl errors in your Webmaster Tools account, you’ll find  pages in the “Page not found” section.

It is very unpleasant to land on an error page and when this happens, the user has the reflex to leave the site immediately. Try to customize them and direct the user to useful contents.

6-Website Speed

website speed

Web sites that load quickly rank higher on search engines. Therefore, they attract more traffic and lead to more page views. For sites with ads, faster loading times will generate more clicks on the ads.

If the loading time of your website is slow and you want to know what you can do to speed it up, use the Google Page Speed Insights service. It allows you to analyze your website loading speed on all devices and even offers you opportunities for improvement. If you are using WordPress There is a good article on How to Achieve 100/100 with the Google Page Speed Test Tool

7-Do not take advantage of google Authorship

Google wants to associate individual opinion leaders in their social identities online and thus, help to filter the noise of the content published daily. An attempt to filter the best of the worst is through what Google called “Google authorship.”

Recently, Google has decided not to show the photo of the author of content but only a link to the page with Google+.

Many SEO professionals think it’s because it was so effective that it affected the rate of clicks on Google AdWords ads.

The good news is that the fundamental principle of Google Authorship is still alive. Do not hesitate to claim authorship of the web content you produce and associate this content to your Google+ profile.

8-Neglecting writing the meta description

This description allows search engines to assess the relevance of your article. The meta description should be short (only 156 first signs of your meta description will be visible to the search engines) and relevant to arouse the curiosity of search engines and users.

To help you write your meta description tag, there are several SEO plugins that can guide you by bringing you tips and tricks to optimize your writing. Personally, I am using Yoast

9-Do is not present on social networks

Search engines consider social media into their algorithms. Social networks have the advantage of helping to index new and updated content to increase the visibility of your website through the viral effect and marketing potential they induce.

It is, therefore, beneficial to your SEO strategy to create new content via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (including using the Google +1 buttons sharing and creating visibility on the search results pages) and to attract maximum fans, followers, and shares to increase the influence of your website.If you don’t have time use Buffer schedule your posts and increase engagement 

10-Meta tags are not optimized

Meta tags especially the title  provide the ability to communicate to your users information about your website and describe it more precisely. Meta tags still play a very important role in optimizing a site and should never be ignored for effective optimization.

The element, without doubt, the easiest to optimize a website’s title tag (title or tag), that is to say, the title of the page. It is an essential element of your site, a user receives during his research since it appears in Google search results as the link above your snippets.

Optimizing trite tag is also known in the jargon as “low hanging fruit” because this measure has a high potential while being simple to implement.

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11-Cheap SEO services using black hat techniques

fast SEO and cheap solutions are almost always involved in black hat tactics. These are aggressive SEO strategies  that usually do not follow the guidelines of search engines.

Popular methods are keyword stuffing (where a keyword is repeated inept in the content as often as possible), the use of hidden text (hide all keywords that filled so that is not seen by the human eye the example of the same color as the background) and link buying (buying links rather than engaging in legitimate link building activities)

Before hiring an SEO service or organization, be aware of the strategies and techniques , if you are a starter and had no experiences seek advice from an expert .

12-Neglecting the use Google Webmaster Tool , our last the top 12 SEO mistakes You should avoid

Google Webmaster Tools console has quickly become a very important tool for the website manager and it is Free.

It is where you can not only check the status of your SEO and accessibility, but above all receive private messages from the Google team about a possible problem with indexing.

For example, if your site has been negative SEO victim from a competitor, an alert would be sent to you by mentioning that an abnormal number of dubious inbound links pointing to your site. You would have the opportunity to react quickly and minimize the damage, for example by using the tool to disavow the link.

Another notification that you might receive the tool could be if your site has been hacked, allowing you to quickly fix the problem instead of ignoring the situation.Thus,It becomes a mistake not to take this tool.

Here is my best selection of SEO Guides that will certainty help you :


Do not wait until it’s too late. Avoid these mistakes and make sure that your website can reach its full potential SEO. It will allow you to achieve high-quality results and sustainable in time, as well as avoid serious penalties that Google can certainly wreak havoc on your site traffic.

If you discover that your site is already penalized by Google, do not despair, this is not the end for your site. Find what caused the sanctions, correct mistakes and respect the instructions of the quality search engine.

I wish you a good SEO optimization to all, Feel free to share your tips in the comments section


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