pinterest ads : how to create one using these steps


In this article we are going to dive into Pinterest ads and try to answer the following questions :

How to Advertise on Pinterest?
How to create an ad on Pinterest?
How to create an advertising campaign on Pinterest?
Which advertising formats on Pinterest?
How to use Promoted Pins on Pinterest?

Pinterest has announced the opening of its advertising platform to all businesses in the United States. So it happens soon in France and you can already access the tools. The opportunity to make another point on the Pinterest advertising offers.

Pinterest is a place of inspiration for all your projects and interests, full of ideas personally chosen by other users like you.

Use advertising on Pinterest

Advertising on Pinterest is now open to all advertisers, and while Pinterest is still small among the major social networks, its potential is interesting given the level of commitment of its members and its tendency to be a huge "wish list" of products to buy. So a great place to promote products.

Advertising on Pinterest is interesting in several respects:

  • Users navigate on Pinterest to see visual content and do window shopping.
  • Brands and products are perfectly integrated into the user experience, unlike Facebook or Twitter.

The Promoted Pins

The Promoted Pins or sponsored pins are the cornerstones of the Pinterest advertising program.

Sponsored a pin is simply a classic pin that you will decide to promote and transform into advertising by choosing a precise targeting to increase your visibility to users that interest you and generate more shares and clicks to your site.

Advertising formats on Pinterest

The principle of sponsored Pins is simple: content is transformed into advertising. However, there are several interesting formats to promote.

EDIT: for the moment, "Buyable pins", "App pins" video and Gifs are not eligible to advertising.

Your sponsored pin will eventually be:

  • A photo with all conceivable variations: photo, video with text, quotes, drawing, computer graphics ..
  • An animated GIF: it is possible to pin on Pinterest Gifs and promote
  • Video: It is possible to pin a video from Youtube, Vimeo .
  • A cinematic pin (pin or animated): the cinematic pins are moving pins which, unlike autoplay videos to Facebook, only fire when the user scrolls down and keeping control over advertising and do not interrupt the user experience.
  • Rich Pins allow enriching your pins with specific actions according to your products.
  • "App Pins" will download a mobile application directly from Pinterest. Interesting to promote and generate app downloads.
  • "Product Pins" allow pinning pictures of your products while automatically updating your product information (price, availability ) by connecting the pin to your e-commerce database.
  • "Buyable Pins" and the "Buy" button should appear soon. They will help sell your products directly from the website and application Pinterest thanks to banking information of the user, which should significantly improve Sponsored Pins performance.

There are currently two main types of campaigns on Pinterest

  1. Campaigns "Commitment" to reach the largest possible audience on Pinterest. This type of campaign you only pay when a user interacts with your pin.
  2. campaigns "Traffic" to generate sales on your site. This type of campaign you only pay when someone clicks on your pins.

For now, the Promoted Pins do not appear on the homepage of users but in search results and categories.
Create advertising on Pinterest

To create an advertisement on Pinterest:

  1. Visit the creation interface and Pinterest campaign management (the "Pinterest Ads Manager")
  2. Then choose between campaigns "Boost your engagement with Pins" (generate commitment) and "Get traffic to your website" (create traffic)

start a compain in pinterest

3.Name your campaign, choose your daily budget and the duration of your campaign

4.Select the pin to promote your account by clicking on "Pick a Pin".
Some tips to improve your campaign performance: Rather

  • Rather than thinking of "banner advertisement", consider the visual content that your target would like to appear on their behalf.

Pinterest offers a Guide to achieving good pins and improve its campaigns

  • Be sure to observe the standards required by Pinterest. Use pins that already have good click through rate and commitment for your advertisements in order to lower your cost per click and cost per engagement.
  • Use pins that already have good click through rate and commitment for your advertisements in order to lower your cost per click and cost per engagement.
  • Split test your ads by running two different versions of a pin to identify the version that generates more clicks or shares depending on your goals.

5.Name your pin now and enter your destination URL (the page where users will be sent when they click your pin).

6.Now Target your focus and your audience on Pinterest

Pinterest allows to date targeting by:

the interest:

to target your audience from 100's of choices (eg sport, football, fashion, food, beauty ...) corresponding to the categories and subcategories of Pinterest


to appear based on keywords and broader expressions when searched by a user in the Pinterest search engine. You can leave Pinterest to suggest keywords or enter them manually. As for advertising on Google Adwords or for SEO, understand the intentions of your customers is crucial


to reach your target based on its location (city and country)


to refine targeting by location depending on the settings chosen by the user.

Type of device:

the web, mobile web, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Android phone


Male, Female.

Finally, it is possible to create on Facebook as the "hearings" (called "customer database targeting") from your own email lists (and to target only your customers Pinterest users and make retargeting).

The "customer database targeting" will be available in the Ad Manager during the course of the year. You must currently go through a third party tool developed by the Marketing Developer Partners

  1. Select your auction: as Adwords, you must enter a maximum cost per click (and now a CPE and a max CPA) that you are willing to pay to appear on the keywords and targeting selected.

Depending on the competition, you will pay less than that price. An aggressive bid will allow you to position each time and spread your advertising for maximum audience. A lower bid limit your exposure but will allow you to better control your budget.

  1. Confirm to upload your ad Pinterest

The Bulk Editor campaigns

The Bulk Editor campaigns

The Bulk Editor campaigns

If you manage complex campaigns, an editor allows:

  1. To upload your campaigns from a CSV file
  2. To download your current campaigns to modify it later in Excel.
    The price of advertising on Pinterest

How much advertising on Pinterest? Advertisements Pinterest operates on the principle of the auction. The cost depends on several factors:

  1. The competition there is on your target: the more your target audience is a battleground between many advertisers, most every click and commitment will be charged expensive.
  2. The performance of your pins: the more you'll rates of commitment and important click your ads will appear more and your cost per click or cost per engagement will be low.

For such campaigns "Commitment", you only pay when a user interacts with your pin (enlargement of the image, and repins clicks without leaving Pinterest) (Cost Per Engagement / CPE)

For such campaigns "Traffic", you only pay for clicks to your website (Cost Per Click / CPC)

For specific formats like App Pins provided to enable to generate mobile application downloads, Pinterest sets up a payment system in CPA (Cost per Action), that is to say, you only pay when the ad asked to download the app.

The performance of advertisements Pinterest

The performance of advertisements Pinterest

  1. Promoted Pins get the same commitment rate than non-sponsored pins. Therefore, would not be perceived as advertising.
  2. Promoted pins get on average 30% bonus additional impressions from these shares and 20% of free clicks during the month following a campaign.
  3. The pins would get 5% bonus impressions 1 month after the end of the campaign

According to Pinterest (which will not tell us the contrary), these results would be observed as much in areas that cartoonist on Pinterest usually only for a priori less suitable industries like finance or automotive.
advertising campaigns statistics on Pinterest

How to evaluate the performance of your campaigns on Pinterest?

Pinterest offers any platform as self-service advertising respectable campaigns statistics to track the effectiveness of your actions. To access the table of statistical edge

The statistics used to track metrics for your campaigns globally or individually; impressions, engagement rate, conversion rate, cost per click and cost per engagement and budget spent.

But also to identify your best performing and worst performing Pins; Conversion tracking - thus the effectiveness of your ads in light of your goals - is now possible thanks to Pinterest conversion pixel.

It tracks now not only when a conversion occurs (page visited, subscription to a newsletter or lead collection, purchase online or "Custom Conversion") but also the value of the basket and the quantity purchased.

  1. To activate your conversion tracking, you simply go to your Ad Manager
  2. create your tag
  3. Finally, install it on your website or e-commerce

And now you will give it a try ? hope that this guide presents some useful information

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