Top online marketing tools every Marker should use

You will find our selection of some best marketing tools to succeed on the Internet.

These are tools that we use regularly as part of our business, and that convinced us by their usefulness, effectiveness, and quality / price ratio. And I can assure you that we have tested in one package!

We believe that these marketing tools will help you achieve your goals on the Internet. Good success !

Crazy egg

despite its weird name, it is a web analytics tool offering two very interesting things. The first is to realize a heatmap of the page of your choice depending on a number of clicks or visits.

This card is very useful to know where your users click on your page. Sometimes one is often surprised with the results. The heat map can quickly improve the usability of your site, for example by making non-clickable clickable items behind.

Price : All plans FREE for the first 30 days and then it starts from 9/month for 10000 visitors

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter that should be one of your priorities in your Internet marketing.

Leads Thrive will help you achieve this goal. it is basically a WordPress plugin that allows you to create beautiful forms to collect the email addresses of your visitors.

You can choose between several types of forms ( “popup”, “slide-in” in your sidebar …).You can easily design the interface with “drag and drop”. You choose in which cases / at what times you want these forms to appear on your website / blog, which is very effective to better target and boost your conversion rate!

Price : For a Single Theme it starts from 49$ or  you can become a Thrive Themes Member and pay $228 per year for a Personal license, or $588 per year for an Agency license


There is nothing better in a business than answering the questions of your potential customers when they ask themselves?.

This is what Olark allows you to do. It is an online discussion tool (live chat) with visitors to your website. It installs easily on your site by adding a simple code and then configures directly on the site of Olark. You can choose the design of the chat window, the displayed text, the information request to start a session and lots of other things, to really fit your business and your visitor types.

Price: A limited free version is available. Otherwise from $ 15 per month as a Bronze member


This is our favorite email marketing tool. The email creator is very intuitive and allows you to quickly create beautiful newsletters by a system of drag and drop.

Do You want to automate sending some emails, for example, a sequence of informative emails after registering for your newsletter? This is easily feasible thanks to the powerful features of auto-responders.

You can also do A / B testing of your campaigns to maximize your rate of openings and clicks. Note also the fact that the entire interface is available in other languages, unlike its main competitors (MailChimp and AWeber).

Price: one month Free, no credit car required than 15 . month for 1000 visits


When you want to create visuals and images, whether for your website, our blog or even your social networking pages, use Canva. This is an online tool that lets you easily create your visual drag and drop.

You can choose among different sizes of pre-configured images (eg the right size for your Facebook page cover image) but you can also choose your own dimensions. You then have access to thousands of graphics, geometric shapes, icons, illustrations, graphics etc.

Price: Free. You can opt to pay graphics that will cost $ 1 each.


If you need images, we can turn to Fotolia. You can choose from tens of millions of images (photos, illustrations, vector …), but also videos. To find the image you need, you can browse the different categories (landscapes, architecture, business, etc.), you might use the search engine, which allows you to refine the search through many filters until you find the perfect image for your need.

Price: 10 credits for 14 $ , or by subscription from € 25 per month

Google Apps for Business

one of the best professional solutions, and adopted by more and more companies, the TPE larger groups. Whether for your work email (Gmail), online storage of documents of your company (Drive), managing your professional agendas (Agenda), videoconferencing (Hangouts), creating documents (Docs), leaves calculations (Sheets), presentations (Slides) etc.

Google Apps for Business will offer powerful tools, easy to use, fast, usable from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Price: From  5$ per month per user

Google Analytics

When it comes to measuring and analyzing traffic to your site, Google Analytics naturally comes to mind. This is a powerful, free, and fairly easy to use when you understand how it works.

Google Analytics allows you to access a plethora of data about your site. How many people come to your site? How long do they stay? How many pages do they consult? What browsers do they use? What are the most visited pages on your site? Where does your traffic come from ? who find you through search engines? These are some examples of questions that can be answered through Google Analytics.

Price: Free


This tool allows planning publications on your social networking pages and, therefore, have a real regular presence on social networks without having to tackle it every two hours or half days.

When you add your social networking pages in the tool, you can specify when you want your publications to be sent (date and time).

You can then prepare several messages to post on your social networks, for example following the publication of your latest blog post, then put them in the queue. They will then be automatically sent / posted the times and dates provided on the pages of your desire (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.).

Buffer also will provide analytics data for these publications, such as the number of clicks or retweets.

Price: Free. There is also a pay offer from $ 10 per month.


It is a web platform to quickly create web pages, mainly in order to collect the email address of the visitor.

This is a public-centered service, that is to say that you do not need to be a programmer or integrator to use the platform. Anyone with a little techno can manage to make beautiful pages of conversions in moments.

Of course, LeadPages can be used to quickly create any other type of pages. Only, all its features make it the ideal platform for creating catchy pages.

We talk about integration with all major email platforms such as MailChimp Marketing, the opportunity to test AB  integration with WordPress and so on.

Price : starts from 25 per month


Mouseflow is a very useful tool, you can observe accurately the behavior of your visitors when they arrive on your site until discharge. It’s like you are standing right behind them to watch discreetly their every move.

In addition to the core functionality that is recording user sessions (you can even view live – following registration details) Mouseflow has many other functions.
We find in particular the comparison of “heat maps” that allows you to see precisely where the mouse cursors of your visitors head the most, allowing you later to use these strategic locations and measure the effects of changes to the site.

Price : it starts from 24$  month


Buzzsumo is not very complicated to use. To start, you’ll have to go to the service home page and enter in the field therein few keywords related to the topics of your choice.

After clicking on the appropriate button, the tool will send you the list of the most popular topics in the form of a pretty well-ordered list.

For each line, and thus for each content, you will find a summary but also a series of several color chips containing the number of views for each of the networks mentioned a little earlier. With one last right counter showing the number of total shares.

Price: starts from 99/month

Campaign Monitor

Its template editing tool is simple and intuitive. In terms of prices, it remains very competitive with a flaw: it is not free for the entry level but becomes more interesting when sending a large amount of email.

Among its functionalities :

Manage multiple mailing lists for your different sites or services
Auto Responder: sending an automatic email after registration
Follow Up: Setting up a series of emails sent automatically at the time you want.
Generating a registration form (can be multi-lists)Configuring the process to unsubscribe
Management of additional fields in addition to the email address and much more.

Price : starts from 9$ a month


to generate different securities options and help you not always an easy selection of your title.

With this tool, you can, among other things, build your buyer personas, your inbound campaigns, calls to action, email marketing, manage your social media, and, using a single platform.It is amazing but might not be  recommended for starters

Price: Free Trial and then 200$/month


Providing for Your playing content in exchange for sharing on social networks.

From free to Premium through the Freemium, the plugins for WordPress Content Locker abound and you will surely find your happiness in this shortlist. The plugin used for the test is WPFormation Social Locker for WorPress.

Price – Freemium – Premium $21 – Gratuit – Premium $17 – Premium $17 – Gratuit.

Sumall developed a data Powerful analytics tool That allows our customers to view all of Their data in one simple, easy-to-use visualization.

Social media, email, and traffic data all come together to Provide a full view of your business activity.

Price: 99$/month


Get live notifications when someone opens or clicks on your emails. Know when and have access to this information instantly. You choose which emails are tracked.

Each time, your email, your attachments or links are opened or clicked, you can receive real-time notification.

This is a plugin for Gmail, Outlook or AppleMail.

Price : You can use up to 200 notifications per month for free and if you want more, it’s 10 US $ / month for the unlimited version!

To Sum Up 

Marketing tools can seem like a dime a dozen nowadays . Some can end up as just another annoying dashboard to login into a few times and then forget and you money gone with the wind . Don’t settle for one that doesn’t work for you!. The right  tools will empower your business  to capitalize on live, authentic and spontaneous communication and save Time

Have a marketing tool you love but I missed? You can share your favorites in the comments below or you can wait for the second part : ).


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