53 ways to increase website traffic

Increase Website Traffic

One of the biggest obstacles to starting a blog is the lack of readers.

It is necessary to find ways to for interested readers and keep them coming back.

Without readers, it is hard to stay motivated, no subscribers, no prospects and thus no business .

We present here the means used by most of the website marketers to get in touch with their readers and potential and how they generate traffic.

We are sure that there are thousands of other tricks and we'd love hear from you.

The following will serve as quick tactics , I did go into deep details to explain deeply one by one and in case you need help let me know at the comment.

1-Facebook advertising

This is a good way to increase a quality traffic since you will be able to target by the interest the people who will see your ad.

This is precisely what makes the astronomical value of Facebook:

to know the interests, friends and the activities of more than a billion people on earth.

Instead of promoting your blog on Facebook, made rather promote your Facebook page.

According to facebook expert, using these techniques, doubled my number of fans for about 20 to 30 cents a targeted fan.

It's not a bad deal if only to give more authority to your blog by having lots of likes on Facebook.

2-Adwords advertising

If you keep a blog already developed, with a source of income and a conversion tunnel already in place :

Visitor> Subscriber> Prospect> client, pay to get traffic may be possible and accepted .

In this case, you could use the control of Google Adwords, the best known and one of the easiest to use.

Most advertisements you see on the Internet are generated by Google Adsense and are tailored to the sites you've visited before.

As an advertiser, you can target a certain category and only pay if someone clicks on your ad (this is called CPC) or "cost per click".

It's a simple, but you must make sure of one thing before you launch your campaign: that the value of a visitor on your site is higher than the cost per click that you pay.

To know the value of one visitor, simply divide your income by the number of visits to your site.

3-Publish regularly :

The most powerful secret to increasing Traffic and visitors : Post regularly on your blog. It is essential.

By publishing regularly, you will both efficiently optimize your pages on search engines and retain your readers and increase your number of visitors and customers day after day.

If you post several times a week for several months, you will see your traffic grow automatically!

4-Establish a realistic and profitable publishing schedule

it is not advisable to publish every day.

On the one hand, it will not fit in the length and secondly, you'll get bored.

And if you publish your content every day you will lose the attention of your readers.

Also, quality content needs time and good research. If you have a good Team than publishing daily makes sense.

5-Your Article Titles should be as clear and concise 

Your posts's titles should be clear and concise as possible . Think about the people who want to find the article you write, and try to use these words in the title.

Use the formats popular titles such as "Top 10 ...", "How to ...", "The best ..." etc.

4-Use call to action 

Try to use call to action in your blog articles for people to share your articles with their followers or fans.

Place it at the end or mid of your articles but don't be annoying. See here best practices for call to action from wordstream.

6-Always create a good quality content - 

The better your blog post, the more it is interesting and adds value to readers, most likely you have a lot of shares. Chek this to learn how to come up with an effective blog post

7-Write articles on current and relevant issues

There are many tools to help get that . see buzzsumo for example ,just enter your keywords and watch the articles that have a lot share.

Open it , read it and have a look at the comment.

Now your turn , write a better one with great value.

8-Add images, videos, and other medias 

People interact much more with the visual content, which means that you can have a lot of shares and comments.

Writing is just not about plain text on a page; a good article is the mix  of text, images, and other various multi-media elements like videos, charts, slides..etc.

9-Create an infographic and share it 

Share your infographic on social networks, and send it your subscribers. 

Make your graphics sharable , as you reach more people and have more traffic.

You can use tools to create one for you like canva or piktochart

10-Write guests articles 

Get noticed on quality blogs to reach a wider audience and generate more traffic to your site.

To know more about how guest post here is a full guide by  Brian Dean

11-Ask interesting bloggers

As other bloggers to write an article on your site. They will bring the audience on your site, and will give a boost.

12-Read other blogs and get involved by sharing and commenting 

Engaged with their articles and mention your website to get a follow link from their site or blog.

Avoid writing too short comments like ''great'' or ''awsome''.

13-Write controversial blog posts

Write controversial blog posts and share them on the network - these articles generate a lot of interaction and traffic as people are interested in anything that brings controversy, and they bring their views.


When you write a new blog post, ask those who follow you on social networks if they have some things you should add in your article.

Include them in the tip section and stay in touch with them. It is likely that they can then share with their fans / followers.

15-Create interesting presentations that offer a lot of 

Create presentation value to your audience and publish them on Slideshare, and put a backlink to your website. SlideShare is the largest community for sharing presentations.

16-Look what your audience likes to read 

Get suggestion from your readers and try to write articles on these topics.

This can be done by surveys, manually checking the comments or check your competitor audiences' comments and come up with a better content.

17- Recycle your old articles 

One of the most effective strategies to get lots of traffic on each article you write is to re-propose it on other sites.

You'll just change the format. Here’s what you can do:

Transforming an article in PDF

Create Slideshare​

Transforming Slide Share in Videos​

blog recycling

18-Create a content strategy 

Thi is in order to always provide new content for your readers and for search engines!

19-Produce and distribute podcasts on Itunes

Podcasters recently  are getting in on the ground floor of a complete shift in the way news, entertainment and education is delivered to consumers and readers.

Pat Flynn is expert in that see here his Guide 

20-Host or participate in a webinar.

Webinars have become an increasingly great way of engaging with readers and delivering content.

Much wider audiences can be reached, as there are no practical or even  geographical limitations  on the trainer and attendees.

This post will help you in that

21-Share your latest blog posts 

Share your latest posts on your social networks profiles, with a little intro for people to click on your links.

22-Do not  be afraid to test 

Test all kinds of social networks, even those that are not popular.

You will never know what network could help you by bringing you traffic.

There is no universal solution. Find where is your audience and create your profile there.

23-Add links to the different pages of your blog

Internal links will  help your visitors to navigate to another post/page after reading current post.

And this method  increases number of page views per user on your blog. More page views will increase and decrease your Bounce Rate

For example in addition to your link to your blog, add a link to the contact page.

24-Create your own facebook group

 Create your facebook group and invite your audience to join , there you can discuss Topics related to your blog and share your content.

25-Share your photos

26-Interact with other users 

Interact with other users on social networks, do not only share and leave.

Build a long relationship and answer your readers'squestion.

27-Add social media buttons

Add social buttons  in all your articles. This will make it easy for users to share or tweet if they liked your contribution.

social media buttons

28-Include links to your website

Include relevent links to your blog in all profiles on social networks.

29-Build relationships with influencers 

If you spend more time building relationships with other  bloggers you will get more traffic, shares, sales. 

Blogger outreach can be done either online or you might meet in person bloggers in other ways such as attending conferences.

29-Use analytics tools 

Use analytics to find which social networks bring you the most traffic, so you can focus your energy.

Google analytics is s must-have tool and it is free.

30-Use tools to schedule your articles 

Schedule your posts so that when you are not available, your content is live and viewed by your audience.


When someone shares one of your articles or resources on social networks, make sure to take the time to thank them.

32-Organize contests 

Organize relevant contests on social networks - they will help you significantly boost your commitment and your traffic.

33-Promote your upcoming products 

Promote your launch on social networks. Show pictures of the work in progress, or show the finished product and put a link back to your site to pre-order or order.


think of SEO

Something you already knew, but it is good to remember: 

Before spending time and money to increase your traffic, try to  optimize your blog for SEO!

It will cost you nothing and it will make your work considerably good.

34-Optimize all images 

Optimize all your pages on your website, using relevant keywords that your audience would likely use when they search for images. You can use a tool like Smush.it.

35-Make sure you have a description

Ensure that you description for all the images you use on your website.

36-If you have videos on your website

If you have videos, try to submit a video sitemap to Google.

37-Try to make links to other blog posts. 

Try to link to other blog post from other sites.

If you give them a lot of traffic, most probably they could do the sameby a link back to your blog.

38-Use SEO plugins

If you are using WordPress try to use SEO plugins like SEO by Yoast, or All In One SEO Pack.

If you afford the paid version , you will be amazed at the results.

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39-Submit your site to Google and Bing.

40-Use the amazing Tool  

Google Webmaster Tool is a must have for every blogger , this will hel you maintain  your site as per google guidlines.

41-Stop using black hat tactics 

and buying bad quality traffic.

black hat SEO

42- Make sure you have a site that can load quickly. 

A quickweb site allow sto have more visitors, reducing the bounce rate and allows for SEO benefits.

43-Use tools like Pingdom 

And GT Metrix to test the speed of your site.

44-Find items that slow down your website 

And look for how you can improve the speed with Google Page Speed Insights.

45-Make sure you do not have too many widgets 

Or plugins, use only those that are most useful to you.

46-Get YOUR website responsive. 

Make sure you have a clean website, and easy to use website. Most users prefer a smooth and easy browsing.

47-Do split-testing​

Try different designs on your website, and watch the one that converts better and generates more traffic.

48-Build your mailing list. 

There are tons of Guide that will help you get that. I have selected for you this one and this one

Build your mailing list


When you send emails to your subscriber list (mailing list), do not forget to include your latest articles and tell them to go take a walk over and share.

50-Test different types of emails 

To see which one is best open rate and clicks, test different email versions and opt for the best converting one. 

51-Check regular GOOGLE ANALYTICS

This will help you discover the different sources of your traffic, and see how people react to your site.

52- collaborate

Find bloggers who might be interested in working with you, as the guestbogging, link exchanges, sponsored articles, journals products etc. Tie a good relationship with them.

53-Do not be afraid to ask,

For sharing your articles, or link exchange. You have nothing to lose by asking. But don't be spammy.