Customization to increase your conversion rate and retention – infographic

We appreciate when the barber remembers the cut that we so much or the little attention the day of his birthday. We enjoy the personal contact, which is no less true on a website or an application.

There are some years, customization was limited to one type of greeting “I am happy to have you back,” used to develop a “relationship”.

With practice more advanced customization, the message could include first name, “I am glad to have you back, Frank.”

Today, with the wealth of implicit and explicit customer data, possibilities of customization goes far beyond the simple recognition.

We will analyze the behavior and context of all users to predict the most of their research intention at a given time. This is reflected, for example, by a push “appropriate” email, content, product, promotion or special message.

Customization is progressively modeled by a “Automatic learning machine” (or Machine Learning) from data.

In principle, there is a class of mathematical algorithms such as regression, clustering, decision trees and artificial neural networks used to extract predictive models.

The goal for the machine and the marketing is to improve the likelihood of delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. Of course, a well-built customization results in a significant increase in conversions and retention.

Here’s an infographic that presents some key figures, Customization to increase your conversion rate and retention (infographic) in the United States.

Customization to increase your conversion rate and retention (infographic)

75% of American consumers appreciate brands that send their personalized messages and offers.

73% of US consumers like to buy brands that customize their experience.
Personalization can increase CTR emails by 72%.

41% of consumers buy more when they receive personal e-mail.

A personalized email may increase the AOV (Average Order Value) of 53%.
39% of consumers buy more when the products offered are based on purchase history.

personalized email can increase conversion% to 33%.