How to Create a Quality Blog Article

How to Create a Quality Blog Article? How to create a blog post with the potential to create traffic? What are the best practices to follow to create a post of quality? I take this opportunity to share with my point of view as of regards to create a best Blog taking into account a number of points to use as the key elements that help make content rich, structured, readable and shareable.

The concept of quality article

We constantly talk about “quality content”. This concept means everything and nothing. You can write an interesting article but do not meet audience. Conversely, a poor quality item may still be viewed (or hurt you). I would like to begin by defining what I think a quality post.

A quality article will feature the below :

1. Made advance your audience
2. Transmits emotions
3. Give to take action
4. Demonstrate your expertise
5. Reflects your values
6. Create traffic
7. Participates in your sales

I do focus on the element “create traffic” and “generate sales”. A content strategy that does not focus on traffic is not marketing but journalism. Likewise, traffic that does not convert is of no interest if not develop a little more awareness of your business to new people.

Personally I love to share with you my experiences and share my knowledge in marketing. I obviously feel a personal satisfaction to think I help directly or indirectly either people like me or starter of even expert , and still waiting for your comments and let me about your opinion and i can also learn in turn.of My opinion a good number of articles with good quality can generate what we aim for especially Traffic and as result sales.

Identify the problem of your blog

If your content strategy is not involved today to improve your traffic and increase your sales, take the time to identify if your situation matches one of these cases:

1. You have not defined ideal customer you want to attract with your content

2. Your articles do not generate traffic because they do not respond to your customers’ problems

3. Your content are not “actionable” So do not motivate your readers to action after reading

4. Your posts are not rich enough to become a resource to be referenced

5. Your articles do not create enough excitement to get shares on social networks
6. Your content is not aligned with the offers you want to push

Up to my knowledge without these juicy ingredients , your efforts to offer the best possible content will only have a marginal impact on the growth of your business.

To r-iterate your content strategy is more powerful than you can imagine and you will avoid writing tons of unnecessary items.waste of money and effort.

Create quality articles

How to create a quality article for your blog? How to structure your articles? How to write to provide their full potential.

1. Choose a title that captures attention is one the important keys of How to Create a Quality Blog Article

80% of clicks on your article is played on the copy-writing of your title. Without a headline that catches the eye, you miss opportunities to show your excellent content to your audience.

A number of resources like ninja outreach will help you testing several variations of its titles until you find one that generates the most clicks and sharing on social networks. Without discredit you, it is possible to use B2B titles like “How to Dominate on Facebook. Also you can go for classical methods like Google Keyword planner , as a starter better to write for something that people are searching for , expert could write something not searchable but they are able to drive traffic provided it is RICH.

2. Mention the date of publication in top article

The date allows your audience whether the content is still current. Nothing prevents you to update your best content regularly and republish your articles.people now are looking for Fresh and rich content.

3. Integrate sharing buttons is a good ingrediant of How to Create a Quality Blog Article

Social networking buttons obviously make it easier to share your post on social networks. Include your buttons before and after the article. Also use as a floating bar here on the left. Adding social sharing buttons to your website or blog is usually a quick and effective way to promote content and increase page views. in te next article i will cover in details social media and my opinion about it. Do not necessarily put all the sharing buttons but only those that make sense for you.

4. Add a picture/visual item at the beginning/end/middle of each post

The images used to capture the reader’s attention to get him to come into your content. You will thus lower your bounce rate and increase the average time spent on your site.Moreover, the added image will be integrated into shares of the article on social networks, further augmenting its scope.

Add a picture

Studies show our brains not only process visuals faster, but they retain and transmit much more information when it’s delivered visually.but use it wisely not randomly.

5. Use a good grip in the introduction to your articles

You have captured the attention with a promising title and a photo to see, you must now embark your reader into your story concretely with what he/she will withdraw from this reading, beginning with a personal or experience addressing problems with your audience so that each reader understands what is the article about. This is the Hook to keep them reading.

6. Assume your positions in your articles

Do not hesitate to expose your personality and distinguish yourself by taking strong positions. If your approach is humble and you are transparent about your failures, you will find that the negative returns are actually quite rare. In the worst case, you will create a real debate with your be confident enough and get yourself engaged first before your audiences do

7. Write your articles in a conversational mode

A blog post should not be a theoretical course. This is a conversation between me and you. Use “I” to talk about your experiences, successes and failures. Overuse of “you” to talk directly to the reader, not as if you were talking to a crowd.

Use the richness of the language and preposition, punctuation and clauses to show the progress of your thinking. Moreover, tell a story and surprise your reader disseminating information throughout your article.If not you can share other’s succefull stories and do share with your friends, May be using the anchor texts.

8. Use a typography and a nice design to read

A structured and airy article gives more desire to be viewed as compact text blocks.

The ideal size for your typography is between 14 and 16 pixels for readability. Use the spaces between your lines to your text breathe. Experts speaks of a space between 50 and 60 pixels with up to 75px. Indeed, beyond the extension spacing too your content and your readers do not like long paragraphs.This seems not to be of importance but still it will help in readability smoothness.Click here to download a Free Blog post Template 

Utilize short paragraphs 2 or 3 maximum wide for easy reading sentences.This optional as you might see myself not following  this 🙂

9. Organize your articles with subtitles

Subtitles on the one hand allow to split your posts into several clearly identifiable parts while the use of <h2> and <h3> are used to enrich how Google understands your content.

10. Use bullets to clarification

Use the lists to-point and numbers

– Summarize your thoughts (eg the list of tasks to perform such an action)

– Explain the process (eg the steps to write a blog post)

– Allow breaks in your article: change your ways of writing allows your audience to hang on to the end

11. Include data in your articles

After each theoretical passage, it is essential to bring examples from your experience or studies on the subject, to provide facts and figures to illustrate your demonstration. Business cases are a great way to show the practical application of what you are explaining.

12. Integrate visuals for more views

Integrate visuals

Add visual content when they make sense (photos and screen shots), videos but also why not Slideshare slideshows or podcasts. The media can enrich your blog articles but also increase the time your visitors spend on your site. What is good for you but is also a quality indicator for Google.

13. Bring Value

Make sure your article provides enough value and detail for it to be really interesting to read. I would go further: you should surprise your reader with the amount of information you give them. Take your readers from point A to point B.

If your articles are a real resource, you will get more shares on social networks and inbound links. Moreover, you will become in the eyes of your potential customers a company or expert to solve their problems.

14. Think of SEO

In the first days after they are made, most of the traffic to your articles will come from social networks, From emails list and possibly from links that you get if your article is cited by a larger media than yours.

think of SEO


However, the true source of traffic is the one you get when your articles will start positioning in the search engines. The potential may take 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the subject and competition. Some of marketer’s articles began to truly ranker after a year in regular updates of force. Once your article makes interesting positions, visits can quickly count 1000s visits on one article or even more , but i am giving you the less average

15. Finish your article with a real conclusion

A conclusion summarizing the ideas/teachings/opinion allows your reader to project. Encourage them to take action. Do not underestimate the power of a good call-to-action to provide energy for your audience to take action today.these might end with sale , the ultimate goal and don’t forget your CTA

16. Add a comment module

Comments are a particularly interesting place for interaction. Creating discussion (and making it live), you create a first contact with people who may become your customers.

Start now to write about your blog

Today, technical difficulties to open a blog jumped. A WordPress blog is installed in 1 minite. However, many of my clients have to write blockages related to lack of confidence or lack of practice of writing.
Do I undervalue the image of my business if my articles are means of exposure ?

1. Your experience is valuable: you know more than 99% of your audience as well as your visitors come to your blog just to get answers to their questions.

2. Learn by writing: You must write regularly to take adequate insurance to find your style. The person you will be in 1 year will probably ashamed of what you wrote at the time But there is no other way to learn. A blog also bears the mark of the evolution of his/her author (s).most of influences are writing themselves and they are getting traffic. that is best way to express your experiences if not ask othet you trust to write for you which i do no recommend .

3. Organize your writing process: generally, we lose the ability to write essays when leaving the studies. To resume those habits, recreate your routines:

– Find the time of day when you are most effective, for some it will be early in the morning, others in the afternoon and Search (KEYWORDS)

– Instead of starting from a blank page, first write the title of your articles and your is called a PLAN

– Complete the 3 key things you think are important in each subsection.

– Once you have your plan, fill the holes, add examples and illustrations. Here is your article is ready.

Get started today or bring along to take shortcuts.

Remember what I told you and test

Finally, I would like to emphasize that there is no definitive recipe for a good blog post. What works today will not work tomorrow necessarily.

For one simple reason: as good practices are spreading, competition becomes stronger and your immune audience. Adapt and reinvent is therefore essential to survive and double your competitors.
The recommendations that I gave you are meant to prevent you spend your energy to write articles that have little chance to bring you traffic but these tips will never excuse a test to your own ideas.

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