22 Best Facebook ads spy tools for higher ROI (2021)


Designing good Facebook ads can be a pain.But These Facebook ads spy tools will help a lot saving time and money. 

When it comes to competition in social media, the first and foremost thing that a business wants to do is to spy on their competitor's promotion strategy on Facebook.

In recent years, the trend of social media marketing has gained much traction.

By making use of the platform of social media sites, the businesses are ensuring that their promotion of the products reaches the target audience in no time.

Hence, one would always be curious to know how well their competitor is using Facebook advertisements to make the product accessible.

Therefore, it has become imperative for many brands and businesses to lay stress on certain ads spying tools that would help them to spy on the advertisements run by their competitors.

As per industry experts, social media sites like Facebook have facilitated the ease of branding in many companies. The same goes for Facebook advertisements.

It is a widely accepted fact that by posting ads on Facebook, a brand can reach the desired number of target audiences which is not possible in other modes of advertisements.

On the flipside, as a large number of populations have their accounts on Facebook, posting an ad on Facebook helps the cause of promotion.

And today I have something that will make you feel like you Master your competitors ads strategy ( using Facebook Ads Spy) : Jump to our Pick this month.

Best Facebook ads spy tools

Here is a list of the Best Facebook Ad Spy Tools this year. So if you want effective ways to quickly make more sales and increase your ROI, you’ll love these ads spy tools. See every profitable ad without destroying your budget money on testing that doesn't work. 

Featured Tools: 

Anstrex logo 1


Use Anstrex to discover the secrets of expert advertisers to generate huge traffic and sales.

Adplexity Logo


AdPlexity is a prominent ad spy tool. Get and track Your Competitor's Most Profitable Ad Campaigns. 

Save 50$

PowerAdSpy logo 8 (1)


Start Designing winning Ads by replicating what works on Fb, Instagram, Google, and more.

adplexity review (1)

Apelxity is one  of the best spy tool for mobile native ad that will keep Track of Your Competitor's Most Profitable Ad Campaigns

This  platform supports a number of mobile networks like  StartApp, MillennialMedia, InMobi, Airpush, Leadbolt ad networks, Adcash, PopAds, Popcash, PropellerAds, ZeroPark popup services, as well as many mobile web ad exchange.

Access to thousands of ads collected every day with the Ability to download landing pages with one click and model after them ( do not copy past but rather use your creativity ).

Search by Keyword. Advertiser URL. Publisher. Affiliate Network. Country. Device. Traffic Source. Tracking software .

For 50$ OFF for mobile, native & desktop use the coupon code : EMARKETINGHACKS50 or lean mor in our adplexity coupon code – Exclusive 30% Lifetime

Update:  Adplexity recently announced their latest addition called: AdPlexity Ecommerce!

How can AdPlexity Ecommerce help me?

  • Access real time data on over 70 million products from 100k stores.
  • See which products and stores are most successful based on data from real people/buyers.
  • Find products quickly by specific product category, text in title or description, price range and more ...
  • See product’s price history since the day it was added.
  • Filter everything with powerful but easy to use interface
  • See ANY store’s most popular products, latest launched products, store information (number of products, average product price, ...) and more

adplexity coupon code – Exclusive 30% Lifetime

If your looking to know what works on facebook ads and what doesn't you will want to try this tool.

Social Ad Scout is one of the best tools that you can have to spy on social ads especially facebook.

They currently have ads from more than 21 countries, Coverage in 30+ more countries with a plan to add more. 

Here are our some of the key strengths that differentiate them from other social ad spy tool in the market:

• Devices: one of the major  social ad spy tools with both desktop and mobile ads!
• Ad Types: the tools supports every format, including Canvas Ads that no one else has!
• Targeting: You can see the exact targeting details for every ad; not just who "saw" it!

They offer landing pages, images, videos, scripts and style sheets - in a compressed file for you to download. 

Plus, you can search by:

✔ Tracking Platforms
✔ Hosting Providers and Alexa Ranking
✔ Landing Page Content
✔ eCommerce Tools
✔ Affiliate Networks
✔ Multiple Keywords

AdEspresso is a free Facebook ads spy tool and has a vast library of Ads related toFacebook.

Quite interestingly, it has a great collection of advertisements from businesses that operate on the global platform.

One can view these posters in this tool that comprises of all companies including the competitors.

It is available for free, and hence it can be an excellent choice for brands that are looking forward to spying on the advertisements of its competitors.

Moreover, AdEspresso has an extensive array of resources for marketers who belong to all skill levels.

On the other hand, using this useful tool one can also create sample campaigns for marketing.

Hence, it is a great tool that serves the dual purpose of creating and spying on advertisements by the competitors. 

PowerAdSpy, as a great adplexity alternative,  enable you to search through their database of over 50,000,000 real world Ads by 2,000,000+, with over 1,000,000+ monthly updates in over 15
Countries so far. 

They provide one of the simplest way to review what type of ads their user's competitors are using.

They can view the complete ad (Original Copy) and the current interaction it has (likes, shares and comments).

By using PowerAdSpy you can:

  • Filter Ads according to your niche
  • Scrape the best running Facebook ads within seconds
  • Debunk your Competitors strategies, their running ads, landing pages etc
  • Bookmark the best ads which you have came across and keep it safe for the future work
  • Powerful search Options

PowerAdSpy  will allow search for the popular ads based on Keywords, Advertisers, Domains with great Powerful Filter Options : 

        - Filter popular ads based on Ad positions (News feeds/Side column)

        - Filter popular ads based on Ad types (Images and/or Videos)

        - Filter popular ads based on Gender (Target Audience)

        - Filter popular ads based on Age (Target Age Group)

         - Filter popular ads based on relationship (single, engaged, married, divorced)

         - Filter popular ads based on location (Best tool to search native ads)

with the detailed analytics you can view ad reach, social engagement and latest trends all from one single dashboard. 

You choose any monthly plan out of 3 different packages Basic, Standard, and Premium as per the requirements. 

They are also providing 5 days trial at $7 for Standard/Premium plans and 1 day trial at $1 for basic plan.

5. Macaw.pro

macaw.pro (1)

Macaw.pro is comprehensive Ads library Intelligence spy tool & App Analytics tool.

Get inspired by the best ad creatives from Facebook (all the placements)!.
Track, search, filter, download, use, and take your profits from the best user acquisition practices in the World.

Win your competitors with detailed analytics of their ad campaigns and huge ad creatives database.

The Creative Gallery of Macaw has increased by 50+ million ads for the last 2 months (and continues to grow by ~1m a day).

It contains ad creatives from currently running campaigns as well as the ones, which are not active anymore. This data cannot be taken from the Facebook Ad Library.

The Ad Analytics of Apps shows the ad activity trend and ad structure of the particular app broken down by country, site, CTA button type, and ad format.

Here are the core features of Macaw:

  • The completeness of data: Ad Creatives of all formats and GEOs from Facebook (feed+story), Messenger, Instagram (feed + story), FAN.
  • The accessibility of data :Numerous filters for you to get exactly what you’re looking for.
  • The agility of Service

If something you’re looking for is not in the Gallery yet, it will be promptly added without any additional charge upon request.

Additionally, it is an extra unique feature for free: ‘Most-copied Ads’ that merges all ads with identical media content and sort them by the number of duplicates within your search query.

Price varies from $79 to $99 per month depending on the license duration. There is also a daily option available for just $12.

Summarizing, Macaw.pro is one of the best choices for marketing professionals in the perspective of value (especially for those who work with mobile apps).

Macaw.pro Coupon and Discount : 

Get your Free Trial and 10% discount for the subscription with this link.

connect explore

Uncover Facebook interest like  you never imagined  before with Connect Explore by Wilco de Kreij.

It is all  about ROI, to be successful and have a  great ROI, like 300% or even 600% return on investment you need a real competitive edge.

Which needs  time and budget most of us don’t have, or don’t want to spend.

This new tool will allow  to fix that by allowing you to go after high targeted interested without competing with thousands of other marketers, Find the best interests and most engaged audiences, and Measure which interests are working best

Related : Check  Ecomhunt and get  access to many products and markets throughout the world.

Having an indepth track on your competition's strategies will  allow you to effectively plan and buy advertising more efficiently .

This tools will help you extracting details on creative messages used in winning campaigns,  discover what calls to action is working for your competition to vastly improve CTR and discover ways to start and scale new campaigns today.

adspy coupon

AdSpy is the largest database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the world with the following main  features : 

  •  51 million ads and growing every day
  •  Mobile ads
  •  9 million advertisers tracked daily since 2016
  •  184 countries 
  •  80 different languages
  •  Search by ad text, URL, landing page URLs, comments, affiliate networks
  • Filter by user age, gender, daily and total likes
  • Set when the ads was created or seen by users
  • Search by technologies used, for example search all ads which use Shopify on its landing pages
  • Affiliate offer scanning in all URLs including landing pages and redirects. Comprehensive system using residential IPs and real browsers to avoid cloakers

It is the best ad intelligence app out there with the fastest search and the biggest database.

Adspy free trial is very limited, but we managed to get for you a $50 discount upon subscription to AdSpy using this link. Adpsy coupon included / intergrated 


BigSpy is an Ad and E-commerce Marketing Spy Tool.

This tool accumulates data that is big, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Shopify ads and they  constantly updating it.

It Gets your attention to marketing ads thru filtering ad type, country, creative type, industry type, CTA, and time..etc . 

You can view related products by searching for country, industry type, and the shelf time.

You will be able to  easily find the ads which  are doing good  in your niche. It assists  you to run more profitable and cheaper ads. 

Bigspy is one  the best tools when you want to build engagements and post impressions.

10. AdBeat 


AdBeat is a good online marketing spy tool that enables you to reveal advertiser’s ad tactics.

It lets you also control and investigate the ads that your rivals publish. It shows the creative, messaging, position, quantity, and more.

Adbeat crawls millions of pages; detecting, testing, and processing across 8 million advertisements every day, to collect Desktop, Mobile, Native, and even Pre-roll ads

The tool covers data from 26 different countries, 90+ ad channels, and 5 device types (Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablet).

Key features include : 

  • Unlock where a particular advertiser runs ads
  • Analyze advertisers that are comparable to your competition
  • Uncover the best ads for a particular domain
  • Discover advertisers' profitable ads
  • Show who advertises on a particular domain/s

The site is simple to use and navigate, especially for banner ads.

If you're promoting on GDN, you should at least use this tool for a month. It assists you to find more competent placements and ad plans.


You can track ad creative, targeting, and performance of 500,000 apps across Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Unity, and Google, etc…in over  100 millions of creatives/formats  including video, image, carousel, playable, search ads, This is  in over 69 key countries.

For profitability, you will learn from industry better practices and latest cases of social ad and influencer marketing. 

SocialPeta is a great tool for your  social marketing and ads plan.

It will  help you to define the right advertising and influencer marketing methods, which will significantly improve your  ROI.

Use this tool to catch  trending apps, fresh releases,fresh  marketing cases, their ads and performance by country. 

Check our detailed review of SocialPeta Here.

Anstrex - Ad Spy Tool

Let me put the desctibe the way they put it :

“If you want to uncover the secrets of your competitors online advertising campaigns, Anstrex is the best spy tool out there.

Our push notification ad spy tool covers 92 countries with data from 15 ad networks and our Native spy tool covers 27 different native ad networks from 33 countries and counting.

We have more data than any other spy tool. You can search and filter the data using many different types of filters and sorting methods.


Our advanced searching methods allow you to even further refine the data and allow you to save your search algorithms so that you can recall the searches with just a few mouse clicks.

Our landing page ripping tool is like no other. Our tool can download any landing page and allow you to customize it using our inline editor.

After you customize the landing page, you can optimize and then deploy it to your server using our in-built FTP connectivity.

You will never have to download a landing page on your PC or hire a web designer ever!!

In addition, we also offer unlimited Alerts on your competition. As soon as your competition launches a new ad, you will be notified immediately.

This allows you to keep a close eye on your competition all the time. There are many other advanced features that you will not find in any other tool. Check it out. “

13. Swiped.co


If you are looking for a profitable marketing inspiration & analysis, Swiped.Co is your to-go source.

basicllya it is a collecton of copywriting examples ( classic and modern ads, emails, pop-ups, sales letters, direct mail examples and many more. 

If you join thier email list, you will recieve thier swipe updates, every week, you'll get fresh  "Swipe Studies" analyzing successful marketing promotions.

The big advantage is that , aside from getting their ad copies, they will help you understand why it works & why . 

By this, you will develop your marketing mindset while Providing you with a a quick source of inspiration. 

14. eBoost ( Extention )


Ad Spy is a free Chrome Extension - Among the facebook spy tool free - that finds the Facebook Ads of any website.

Just go to the website in Chrome and click the "Ads" extension.

The Facebook Ad Library opens up in a new tab, showing the ads they are currently running along with stats like run dates, impressions, money spent and much more.

It's a quick and easy way to see competitor ads, your own ads, or just get inspiration from other brands.

15. NativeAdBuzz 

NativeAdBuzz spy tool

NativeAdBuzz is one of the facebook ads analysis that  will allow you to build winning campaigns by recognizing what works for your competition. 

With this tool, you can compress hundreds of hours of dull investigation and analysis to few minutes by spying over more than 10+ ads networks 10 NETWORKS (TABOOLA, OUTBRAIN + 8 MORE) that are followed by the in 12 countries.

Other NativeAdBuzz Features : 

  • Discover converting funnels, advertisements, and landing pages and find where they are advertised by which ad network.
  • Filter by 5 device types: IOS phone, IOS tablet, IOS phone, android tablet, desktop, and android phone.
  • Other experts have spent money to test and discover out what works. See what they uncovered and avoid their errors.
  • Filter ads by the advertiser to understand what your competitors are up to and stay steps ahead.

16. Dropispy ( tools designed for dropshipping ) 

dropispy (1)

Dropispy is definitely the best alternative to Adspy. It allows you to search through a database of 40 million ads from social networks.

Dropispy provides you with real-time data on your competitors' ads and on their current interactions (likes, shares, comments, reactions). The easiest way to find the best ads to get inspiration. 


✅ Database of tens of millions Ads updated daily.

✅ Sort ads by the destination e-commerce platform, interactions, target audience (countries, age, sex), post date creation, CTA, etc.

✅ Search ads by keywords, URL, page name.

✅ Find the best Dropshipping Shops, and all the best winning/trendy Products

✅ Real-time data analysis of Ads, Products and Shops

✅ Free plan available to test and discover Dropispy. No credit card required!

Dropispy PRICING :

  • Free plan : 0 euros/per month to test and discover Dropispy
  • Premium plan: 14.90 euros/per month without obligation. 

Dropispy Coupon : 

Use coupon code : EMARKETINGHACKS3 - It allows you to get 20% off for the three first months, or try pispy free trial. 

17. Ecomlad

Ecomlad Review This Year (1) (1) (1)

Have you decided to go dropshipping to start selling products on Amazon or Aliexpress? Or just a dropshipper and looking for a good tool to easily find winning products?

Then you have come to the right place, as we are going to discuss this topic with Ecomlad.

Have you ever heard of Ecomlad? It is indeed the right software to develop a dropshipping business and allows you to find good products to boost your sales.

The software provides you with the best items worth selling, in record time, both fast and accurate in your research.

Ecomlad review
Ecomlad review 1
Ecomlad Targeting
Ecomlad Tool
Ecomlad spy tool
Ecomlad Targeting tool (1)

Ecomlad has many product finder features to promote your sale:

  • Access to Over 10000+ Winning Product Database
  • Daily update of the selection of winning products
  • Targeting potential sellers on Facebook
  • Video ad for each product for sale in your store
  • Monitoring of other sellers (competitors) to better choose items with high potential and so that there is less competition
  • And much more...

18. Ecomadspy

EcomAdspy is a remarkably great dropshipping and product analysis tool. It enables you to spy on other Shopify stores and discover promised winning results.

Take the guesswork out of your investigation and let the web crawler reveal products that are determined to sell.

Fresh Winning Products collected Each Day! The team is manually adding winning products. So, Stop spending cash on defective products!. EcomAdspy is here to help. 

Find the newest eCommerce products, affiliate landing pages, spy on their ads and ad tactics. Here are a handful of EcomAdspy features : 

  •  Uncover compelling new campaigns
  •  Unlock increasing fresh products, and search by Videos
  •  Save your bank on the campaign experiment.
  •  Watch the competitors' brands, tactics, and secrets with a Strong Research Algorithm

EcomAdspy’s robust research algorithm assists you to get ads or Products and classify them by Categories, Engagements, Nitche, date, to take out the ones to utilize to improve your campaign

19.Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy (1)

Dropship Spy is an all-in-one service that offers all the tools for a successful dropshipping store.

Providing new Social Proof Products every day, each has been sourced through social media and ran through a calculator formulated to calculate the products engagement score.

So you can be sure that what you are selling is a winner! Each comes with its original ad details, key indicators, and sales trend graphs. More information means better decisions.

But product research isn’t the only way this software helps. It also provides help with advertisements, which is great for those who aren't marketing savvy.

You can get video ads made from actual footage, plus slideshows, one with text and one without. Specialized audiences are built for you to use on your FB adverts.

Targeting the right buyer is half the battle and two ad copies for each product.

Dropship Spy also has an app store full of apps like:

  • Review Downloader; CSV files for each product

  • Instagram Influencers; A Complete list of all the Instagram influencers in the same niche as the products.

  • Shopify Connect; Save time with product listing and push any product instantly to your store.

  • Traffic Search; Search your competitor's website and see their traffic data

And more. Dropship Spy is recommended for any drop shipper that is starting up, struggling, or trying to take some tasks off their hands.

20. SpyFu 

Spyfu spy tool (1) (1) (1)

SpyFu is a competitive intelligence and Ads Spy tool for online marketers. 

It offers in-depth SEO and PPC paid advertising metrics and helps you improve your ad conversion by leveraging your competitors' ads strategies.

Use the insights to recognize what's running for your business, what's striving for competitors, and take optimization approaches to get your PPC and SEO spend more efficiently.

Spyfu is also a search marketing-based system for SEO optimization. It is a very clear and easy-to-use tool that assists you to learn about the activities of competitors, whether it is PPC or SEO.

SpyFu Pricing - Starting at $33/mo with Unlimited Data and Downloads.

21. Moat Analytics


Moat is a spy tool Analytics centered on converting brand advertisements online. Moat's services encompass Moat Ad Search, Moat Pro, and Moat Analytics.

Moat focuses on finding ad creatives employed by a particular brand. You can next apply it as a motivation and strategy for some of your ad positions or to easily stay up-to-date with the competition

Moat Analytics equipped you with the confidence that your ad dollars are being allocated wisely on various ad platforms.

Take charge of your digital advertising with a self-service tool and viewed reporting that allows you to measure performance over regions, channels ( Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Snapchat, YouTube ), devices, and your preferred platforms.

Features in Summary :

  • Competitive analysis.
  • The facility to see our in-house metrics, including viewability level metrics, brand protection, and scam reports.
  • The interface is secure and is extremely straightforward to use.
  • The heatmap level metrics for advertisement creatives that Moat offers are fabulous and very necessary.
  • The UX design and reporting are very comprehensive and efficient.

22. AdTargeting 

AdTargeting Facebook Interest Targeting Tool

AdTargeting is a google and facebook interest targeting tool .

AdTargeting supports five languages search including English, Chinese, Japanese, German, and Russian.

It discovers hyper-relevant interests that most other advertisers can’t find to save you from competing. 

It also finds you lookalike audiences by providing audience profiling reports for interest words you are looking for, assuring you are pushing your ads to the niche audience; thereby increasing your ROAS.

Facebook Ads Spy Tools No Longer Available

Adsector (no longer working)

adsector tool

Adsector is another great spy tool that will allow you create the most effective ads. Find hundreds maybe even thousands of effective landing pages in seconds.

See what makes them work and use those strategies to build your own effective ad copies. By using Adsector you  can :

Find campaigns promoting E-commerce shops or Affiliate offers with a SINGLE click

  • See Cloaked money pages (AdSector is only tool that can effectively bypass cloakers)
  • See campaign’s FULL targeting information (from demographics to interests)
  • Download landing pages straight from the interface with a single click, and more.

I’ve contacted Adsector team and negotiated a 74$ Off FOR LIFE for my Readers. Sign Up for AdSector Coupon Code here.



MagicAdz is the #1 Social Ads Intelligence spy Tool, empowering you to create
winning campaigns, track your competitors, and analyze trends.

Using their advanced AI system they bring some really hot stuff to the table.

MagicAdz is designed especially for affiliates and e-commerce owners to meet
their unique needs.

In just 1-click you can find affiliate ads and single's them out from branding ads.

Affiliates can easily filter ads by their vertical or search inside ads, landing pages, and more, no matter what hat you wear MagicAdz can help you get the info you to maximize your performance



AdSova is one of the ultimate Facebook advertising intelligence spy tool. 

They cover News Feed, Desktop, Mobile... and more . 

This has a cool feature, It allows you to quickly spot rising and on-going trends. Simply type  the keyword and AdSova will detect all trending Facebook posts and ads in a blink.

AdSova will allow you to observe how the ad changes over the period  and learn from from others else mistakes, from over 500000+ ads.

Quite interestingly here is a tool that stands out from others by its uniqueness. It is uncommon as it does not directly let one view the advertisements from their competitors.

However, it lets one modify the execution of their Facebook Advertisements that are based on the spending behavior of the customer.

Several price models are available for this tool, and hence a business can opt for their desired form of a model which they think would be apt for them.

One of the primary features that every marketer wants to see in a Facebook Ad Spy tool is the collection of other advertisements in its database. The Adfox tool has a robust database of over 300,000 ads that can be used by a marketer to spy on the Facebook ads of the competitors holistically.

These advertisements are growing and enabling so that the brand can find the funnels and best Facebook ads in a matter of few seconds. The cost of affording it is quite minimal looking at its practicality.

The name itself suggests that it can spy on the competitor's advertisement. It not only gets detailed insights into the strategies of the ads posted by the competitors,

But it also focuses on the strategies and ways to reduce unproductive efforts and gain popularity over competitor Facebook analytics.

Hence, this is a great tool that can phenomenally help the marketer to comprehend the targeting strategies of the competitor.


This Tool is forced forced to shut down...

The unique angle of AdSwiper that differentiates it from the rest is that it is absolutely free to access its entire database of ads.

It has also been recently approved by Facebook. Rather than relying on automated scripts and bots to scrape Facebook feed data, the application receives ad submissions from its large network of users who have installed their browser plugin to collect ads for later viewing.

Ads can be searched by keyword, message length, advertiser's page name, button type and country.

They've collected ads from 42 countries so far that can be filtered within search results.

The ad listing page has a great landing page preview feature along with a unique ability to find out what makes an ad go viral thanks to their advanced metrics.

For example, you can see how many views it takes for an ad to get shared.

When you install their Chrome browser extension, you will also be able to save ads into a favourite folder directly from your own feed.

It is an excellent shortcut for when you see an ad that captures your attention or has an offer that you like.

Now Its Your Turn

You’ve read about the facebook ads spy tools . Now it’s time to  check them and start implemention.

The first step? Leave a comment to let me know which tool you’re going to try first.

Ready to implement adplexity, Poweradspy? Or maybe you want to try ecomlad.

Either way, leave a quick comment below right now.


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