8 Amazing Facebook ads spy tools for higher Sales (2018)


Designing good Facebook ads can be a pain.But These Facebook ads spy tools will help a lot saving time and money. 

When it comes to competition in social media, the first and foremost thing that a business wants to do is to spy on their competitor's promotion strategy on Facebook. In recent years, the trend of social media marketing has gained much traction.

By making use of the platform of social media sites, the businesses are ensuring that their promotion of the products reaches the target audience in no time.

Hence, one would always be curious to know how well their competitor is using Facebook advertisements to make the product accessible.

Therefore, it has become imperative for many brands and businesses to lay stress on certain tools that would help them to spy on the advertisements run by their competitors.

As per industry experts, social media sites like Facebook have facilitated the ease of branding in many companies. The same goes for Facebook advertisements.

It is a widely accepted fact that by posting ads on Facebook, a brand can reach the desired number of target audiences which is not possible in other modes of advertisements.

On the flipside, as a large number of populations have their accounts on Facebook, posting an ad on Facebook helps the cause of promotion. ​

And today I have something that will make you feel like you Master your competitors ads strategy :

Best Facebook ads spy tools for higher performance


one of the best spy tool for mobile native ad that will keep Track of Your Competitor's Most Profitable Ad Campaigns

This  platform supports a number of mobile networks like  StartApp, MillennialMedia, InMobi, Airpush, Leadbolt ad networks, Adcash, PopAds, Popcash, PropellerAds, ZeroPark popup services, as well as many mobile web ad exchange.

Access to thousands of ads collected every day with the Ability to download landing pages with one click and model after them ( do not copy past but rather use your creativity ).

Search by Keyword. Advertiser URL. Publisher. Affiliate Network. Country. Device. Traffic Source. Tracking software . For 50$ OFF for mobile, native & desktop use the coupon code : EMARKETINGHACKS50


AdEspresso is a free Facebook ads spy tool and has a vast library of Ads related to Facebook. Quite interestingly, it has a great collection of advertisements from businesses that operate on the global platform. One can view these posters in this tool that comprises of all companies including the competitors.

It is available for free, and hence it can be an excellent choice for brands that are looking forward to spying on the advertisements of its competitors. Moreover, AdEspresso has an extensive array of resources for marketers who belong to all skill levels.

On the other hand, using this useful tool one can also create sample campaigns for marketing. Hence, it is a great tool that serves the dual purpose of creating and spying on advertisements by the competitors.


Adsviser coming soon...

It is one of those helpful tools that may come handy if you are the lookout for a spying tool on the advertisements of your competitor on Facebook.

It boasts a collection of 225,964 Facebook ads that can help a marketer to spy on the ad of the competitor.

It costs about 67 dollars per month. Hence, it is quite affordable as it offers so much practicality. On the other hand, if you want to design a marketing campaign or plan for your product, you can take help of this fantastic tool to create one.

Update : now this website is closed , but will re-open soon ..

One of the primary features that every marketer wants to see in a Facebook Ad Spy tool is the collection of other advertisements in its database. The Adfox tool has a robust database of over 300,000 ads that can be used by a marketer to spy on the Facebook ads of the competitors holistically.

These advertisements are growing and enabling so that the brand can find the funnels and best Facebook ads in a matter of few seconds. The cost of affording it is quite minimal looking at its practicality.

The name itself suggests that it can spy on the competitor's advertisement. It not only gets detailed insights into the strategies of the ads posted by the competitors, but it also focuses on the strategies and ways to reduce unproductive efforts and gain popularity over competitor Facebook analytics.

Hence, this is a great tool that can phenomenally help the marketer to comprehend the targeting strategies of the competitor.

Quite interestingly here is a tool that stands out from others by its uniqueness. It is uncommon as it does not directly let one view the advertisements from their competitors.

However, it lets one modify the execution of their Facebook Advertisements that are based on the spending behavior of the customer.

Several price models are available for this tool, and hence a business can opt for their desired form of a model which they think would be apt for them.


connect explore

Uncover Facebook interest like  you never imagined  before with Connect Explore by Wilco de Kreij. It is all  about ROI, to be successful and have a  great ROI, like 300% or even 600% return on investment you need a real competitive edge. Which needs  time and budget most of us don’t have, or don’t want to spend.

 This new tool will allow  to fix that by allowing you to go after high targeted interested without competing with thousands of other marketers, Find the best interests and most engaged audiences, and Measure which interests are working best

Having an indepth track on your competition's strategies will  allow you to effectively plan and buy advertising more efficiently .

This tools will help you extracting details on creative messages used in winning campaigns,  discover what calls to action is working for your competition to vastly improve CTR and discover ways to start and scale new campaigns today.


Adsector is another great spy tool that will allow you create the most effective ads. Find hundreds maybe even thousands of effective landing pages in seconds.

See what makes them work and use those strategies to build your own effective ads. By using Adsector you  can :

Find campaigns promoting E-commerce shops or Affiliate offers with a SINGLE click

  • See Cloaked money pages (AdSector is only tool that can effectively bypass cloakers)
  • See campaign’s FULL targeting information (from demographics to interests)
  • Download landing pages straight from the interface with a single click, and more.

Now Its Your Turn


You’ve read about the facebook ads spy tools . Now it’s time to  check them and start implemention.

The first step? Leave a comment to let me know which tool you’re going to try first.

Ready to implement adplexity?Or maybe you want to try adsector.

Either way, leave a quick comment below right now.

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