9 Reliable email marketing services for startups

For small businesses, email marketing services are a vibrant and powerful way to connect with people.Think of it as still one of the best cost-effective and conversion-rich strategies of digital marketing .

Agree that  social media has since come along excited Markers, but don’t get fooled! Email marketing is potent, persuasive and gets your business whatsoever including eCommerce great results.

“If you’re running a real business, email is still the most effective way to universally reach people who have expressed interest in your product or site. For that, it really can’t be beat.” – Colin Nederkoorn (founder Customer.IO)

To help you opt for  the best reliable email marketing service, we’ve compiled what we see the most recommended services for small businesses and startups.

We’ve  based our selection on collected reviews, highlights, and comparative features of each to assist you evaluate the best email marketing services that suit your business needs.

1. Constant Contact

If you want to create dynamic marketing, Constant Contact might be the software you are looking for. It consists of built-in templates and its trial version is totally free of cost.

It has features like: easy to create personalized emails to send on certain occasions like birthdays of clients or festival greetings to create more bonding with the customers.

It provides PLUS features that include tracking coupons that help you extend business even further.

Constant Contact has a lot of pre-build email templates. This is helpful if you are someone who is oblivious to color pairing and would like a professional layout already made for you.​

2. AWeber

AWeber has a wide variety of features like the auto responder that sends a string of automatically delivered messages. AWeber also provides segmentation of customers, which is based on their actions.

You can send newsletters that have a professional look using AWeber. AWeber has built 3 mobile applications to provide more ease in the email marketing world.

What you will  like best about Aweber is that you can segment your content to different lists with different interest within your niche marketplace.

You will be  able to set up autoresponders for each of your client programs as well as freemium offers. It's super easy to use and makes email marketing a breeze!​

3. ConvertKit

ConvertKit enables you to schedule your email sending process in which you can select particular days for delivering your emails.

Not only you can schedule the emails, but also check the sequence of drip emailing using ConvertKit. You can add patterns to your page design using the wide variety of textures offered by ConvertKit.

It's very easy to set up and use. ConvertKit really shines with their Sequences – automated email campaigns that can be used for welcome and indoctrination series and sales funnels.

They are laid out chronologically via email, so you can see the entire sequence and the email content for each. You will also love that ConvertKit includes landing pages and forms that are easily customizable.

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4. Drip

Drip is very easy to use; if you are new  to the field of marketing automation the Drip interface made it very simple for you to create campaigns and visualize the workflow of your campaigns.

The drag-and-drop workflow creator is a great feature which enables you to create campaigns easily and to describe them to other team members who are also new to marketing automation.​

Drip is a great tool, especially for smaller business just starting out with marketing automation. If you can integrate your e-commerce platform or website/email collection method with Drip, I think this could be a great tool for larger businesses as well.​

5. GetResponse

An online campaign can be made more thrilling using the amazing design tools provided by GetResponse. Maintenance costs can be minimized by creating an advanced database using GetResponse.

You can send timely emails to anyone in any time zone with the help of marketing provided by GetResponse. If you also want to connect with e-commerce platforms along, GetResponse is there for your rescue.

Email intelligence is designed to track your progress and to get follow-ups of the subscribers.

GetResponse has a lot of cool and useful features but the best one has got to be the landing pages.You can build great landing pages that look professional  in no time and little effort.

It ships with a drag-and-drop builder if you are not very technical but has a fantastic code editor if you want to take a look under the hood. The autoresponders are super easy to setup and have few great applications in a business context.

Also the organization of your campaigns and users is top notch. I would recommend GetResponse if you want to go for the easiest setup and easiest maintenance

You can easily sync your data from applications like Shopify, Twitter, Google, SurveyMonkey etc. using MailChimp. MailChimp provides templates that are mobile friendly and lets you send photo based emails too.

MailChimp keeps a check on sales and other activities on the website. MailChimp has it all to help you grow your business to more heights. It lets you send up to 12,000 emails which is free of cost.

The simplicity and ease of the drag-and-drop editor makes it dummy-proof to design excellent marketing emails.

We love the range of options, including A/B split testing, marketing automation, time zone scheduling, that are not usually affordable for businesses of our size.

Mailchimp is a fantastic product because even on its free platform you can do amazing thing. With Mailchimp I went from zero to 500 followers

7. Campaign Monitor

You can design, emails which are designer-like in a very easy manner and are altogether flexible and beautiful. Campaign Monitor provides you with free as well as premium edition features that can be used to grow your business.

It provides features that help target a special set of audience for example the VIP's or the regular customers.

You can design more engaging emails that will favor more revenue income by the customers. It also provides you with A/B testing. Campaign monitor's team also strives to build new features for their agency partners.

8. ActiveCampaign

You can customize your actions according to the behavioral data extracted about the customers using ActiveCampaign.

Site events can be easily tracked, along with emails; SMS marketing can also be done. You can manage your contacts in a very systematic way and refine the marketing even better.

It provides a facility to hide the forms from customers who have seen it once already. Over the time you might find it a little costly though but its worth the price.

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9. SendinBlue

When it comes to email marketing, If you are on the lookout for the affordable solution with the most to offer.

SendinBlue is the perfect balance between an expensive solution and a weak, underpriced one. You will impressed with the slick design, the easy themes, the quick autoresponders (automation) and the cost of it's MICRO plan.

To SUM up

Features, pricing, interface quality, number of contacts possible, number of mailings possible, reporting tools etc. To choose the right software (which is not necessarily the best in itself, but the one that best suits your needs), it can be very useful to build an analysis grid.

Drip marketing has to be done in a proper way, knowing the behavior and status of the customers so choose the right email marketing service that also saves your emails from getting directed into the spam folder.

I hope we have managed to make the universe of e-mail marketing a little more understandable. If you have any questions, leave us a comment!

Go ahead and increase your brand awareness with the best known email platforms list above in a cost effective manner.


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