Blog Hosting – Which is Reliable for you in 2021?


Finding the right blog hosting solution is crucial for the success of your blog.

Anyone can get props for creating and setting up a basic website, however, the perfect blog host can take your basic blog and turn it into a profitable business.

Whether you are just starting out on your blogging journey or have more than a thousand followers, the perfect blog host can help you reach out to your target audience and expand your followers.

There are a huge number of blog hosting sites available online with huge number of website went live , and you might end up getting lost in the maze,

which is why we have compiled this handy guide to help you find the perfect one for your blog hosting needs.

Identify Your Hosting Needs

Every blogger has a distinct need, purpose, and budget for their blog.

An individual who has just started on their blogging journey may have different needs and requirements to a professional blogger that has a massive fan-following.

When searching for the best blog hosting solution, you must identify the following factors:

  • The total cost 
  • Email hosting facility
  • Customer Support
  • Scalability

Identifying these factors will lead you to the best possible solution depending on your needs. As your blog develops further, you may have to upgrade the current version or change the provider altogether.

The first step to finding the right hosting company is to understand your exact requirements from them.

Not being able to identify what you need from a hosting company may lead you to the wrong one that is unable to meet your needs.

The Qualities of a Good Hosting Company

1. Affordably Pricing

Certain blog hosting companies take advantage of amateur bloggers and charge insane amounts for their services.

Therefore, it is crucial to compare all the options and what other companies are offering before arriving at a final decision. 

The blog hosting company you choose must offer a user-friendly control panel, such as cPanel or vDeck, as these are quite easy to use.

However, make sure that the company does not provide custom-built dashboards that are quite complicated to use.

2. Payment Schedules

The company you opt for should offer customized packages and a comfortable plan. Usually, there is a yearly subscription fee, but most people look for flexible options.

Always look for a company that offers flexible solutions such as a 6-month payment plan instead of a yearly plan.

3. Manageability

The company should provide control panels that allow easy installation of WordPress or other content management systems.

If the installation procedure is complicated, you may have to hire someone else to do it which may exceed your budget.

4. Quality Customer Service

The company that you choose should offer 24 hours technical support to the customers, which will help in getting your issues resolved quickly.

5. Ecommerce Solutions

As your progress, you may need to introduce e-commerce solutions onto your blog, which is why it is crucial to make sure you own an SSL certificate and have access to SSH and shopping cart platforms that are easy to install.

6. Server Uptime

Make sure that the company offers a guarantee of 99% uptime, as repeated downtime can deteriorate your performance and have a negative impact on your followers.

Types of Web Hosting Solutions:

  • Shared Hosting : This is the most economical solution. The operation of shared hosting is as follows: several websites - or even 1,000 to 3,000 websites - share the resources of ONE server. 
  • VPS Hosting :Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a great value-for-money solution. Although this is also a shared environment, this type of web hosting is limited to a maximum of 20 sites on the same server.
    VPS hosting is an equal solution: all sites on a server have the same memory and space on the server hard disk.
    VPS is flexible in terms of configuration and gives many options to developers. The same goes for budgets: the price of a VPS hosting ranges from $ 80 to $ 450 a month. 
  • Dedicated Hosting : Dedicated hosting
    Preferred option for sites hosting more than 100,000 visitors per month. As the name suggests, this is a single server that hosts a single website.
    The main disadvantage of dedicated hosting is that it requires superior computing and hosting skills.
  • Cloud Hosting : Last type of web hosting, the cloud is essentially an improved version of the VPS. In particular, it offers the possibility of using the resources of several servers on the same network.
    This is an option for large companies because of the many options available in computer security. This type of hosting has been designed to withstand attacks from hackers.
How to start a blog This year

Here are my easy-to-follow steps to get start a self-hosted WordPress blog, no technical experience required.

The Top Blog Hosting Solutions In The Market

Bluehost - Best for beginner 

If you are new to the blogging community or own a small blog, Bluehost will be an ideal option for you! The main reason why most newcomers opt for Bluehost is because it offers cost-effective pricing.

When one is starting out on their blogging journey, they cannot bear the high expenses since they have not yet started earning.

BlueHost feature

Even WordPress recommends the use of Bluehost due to its outstanding features. It offers a simple WordPress installation process that requires just one click and an extremely useful tutorial to help you get started.

Moreover, they offer several plans and servers, allowing you to stick to one hosting provider instead of shifting onto others later on.

Bluehost prices

Though it does not have spectacular reviews, it offers great value for your money, which makes it an ideal choice for all bloggers.

In addition to proven experience and reliability, the technical support is apparently effective and available (by phone or email). The availability of the servers of Bluehost is currently 99.8%.

Siteground – Best For Intermediate Bloggers

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Web Hosting

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Siteground has a huge fan-following and is liked by many for its outstanding features. WordPress has also been recommending Siteground for its intermediate bloggers.

Though the basic plan of Siteground is a bit more expensive than the one Bluehost provides, its premium version has a lot more features that are likely to come in handy when your blog grows. It offers automatic backups for your site and high-quality customer care services.

 In addition to having sites that work well, the offers for shared hosting GrowBig and GoGeek are very reasonable:

site ground plan

Moreover, it offers one-click installation for WordPress and loads the page faster than other hosting solutions.

SiteGround has servers on three continents: Europe (Amsterdam and London), Asia (Singapore) and North America (Chicago) to deliver fast access.

siteground features

WP Engine – Best For Advanced Bloggers

If you are an established blogger with a huge fan-following, WP Engine will be the perfect option for you. WP Engine is recognized as the leading provider of the top blog hosting solutions in the online market.

If you want more traffic to your blog or might need some in the future, WP Engine is the best place to launch your blog.

wp engine

Since it is quite expensive, it may not be suitable for all bloggers, especially beginners due to the financial restrictions. Moreover, you can avail 2 months free when signing up for the annual plan.

WP Engine is known to have the best customer care support that operates 24 hours a day.

The load time is quite fast and the performance of the page is up to the mark. It also offers automatic updates and lots of storage to incorporate media such as pictures, video, and audio.

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Moreover, you can shift your site onto WP Engine seamlessly from other hosting solutions due to its one-step migration process that has no downtime.

Have identified your need ?

In the end, what you choose for your blog depends entirely on your budget and needs.

One hosting solution might not work for everyone, and that is why we have divided the list according to the experience of the user.

Beginners should opt for Bluehost, while advanced users should choose WP Engine, as these can better accommodate their needs.

Another good alternative would Ipage, afforrdable and it comes with free Domain and Free SSL .  Get an amazing 75% discount applied on iPage.  

I hope it helps you make your proper decision.

Which is the Reliable Blog Hosting Solution?
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