50+ Best Business Ideas That Make Money This Year (2023 )


Have a business idea? Need a fresh start? We have a list of Best Business Ideas That Make Money to help jump-start your creativity.

In the past, when someone wanted to start a business, what they needed the most was capital.

Tangible capital is required to get the business going and hopefully get it going until it eventually makes a profit.

Well, that and of course, compelling and best business ideas that make money. 

With advancements in technology, the advent and eventual domination of the internet in today’s digital jobs and age, things have changed.

In fact, COVID-19 accelerated the growth of starting an online business. 

And while it’s still not that easy to get a business off the ground, with enough wit and perseverance one might just only need a unique business idea and not much on the capital side of things. 

Good decision-making, guts, and knowing which tools you can take advantage of are key to either making or breaking it in today’s cutthroat world.

Don’t worry, we’re here to serve as your guide. 

Here are at least 50 unique business ideas or ventures that you may try to succeed.

PS. Personally, I started this blog as a side business idea to make money online.

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The Best Business Ideas That Make Money This Year

Nowadays, you don’t even have to get out of your house to start a business.

All you have to do is find what you are passionate about, what you are good at, and learn the tricks of the trade. 

With an all-powerful tool that is the internet, learn the ins and outs of the vast digital landscape.

Take advantage of social media platforms, streaming sites, and all facets of the internet to make it BIG.

It’s going to be challenging but if it’s easy, why bother, right? Here are a few online business ideas you may try. 

Start an Ecommerce Business

Start An Ecommerce Business

E-Commerce is probably one of the best business ideas to make money with nowadays.

It’s so widespread and it may seem that everyone is doing it but it’s also quite odd that not a lot of people are aware of it, let alone know what it really is. 

According to Statista, retail eCommerce sales in the United States are predicted to climb to higher than $476 billion by the year 2024.

Ecommerce may sound intimidating but in a nutshell, it’s basically just the concept of buying and selling but only done online. Not so intimidating now, right? 

Have you heard about Jeff Bezos? Currently the world’s richest man with a net worth of almost $200 billion? He’s made his fortune out of his online retailer business Amazon as we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of. 

That’s how powerful, lucrative, and enticing Ecommerce is and we encourage you if you are the type of person who is patient enough to buy and sell stuff to try it. 

Where to start, you may ask? 

Well, know that there are basically 4 primary kinds of Ecommerce and these are: Business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer, and lastly, consumer to business.

All you need is a computer, tablet, or even your smartphone to start an eCommerce business plus a good stable internet connection, oh, and we forgot, the guts to be successful. 

It is cutthroat that’s for sure, it’s challenging. You’d expect that something this lucrative will attract a lot of people but that’s not any reason to not give it a try or give up after one setback.

These are the things that you need to start working on if you are interested in eCommerce.

First, know what products you want to buy and sell, second, know how to acquire said products, third, know your competition, do your research, and lastly, set up your store.

Familiarize yourself with the different eCommerce platforms today. There’s Shopify, Squarespace, and WooCommerce who are generally considered as the best for small businesses.

Don’t forget that you may also explore Amazon as well as Walmart who’s the newcomer of this space. 

The rest of the platforms you may check out are Wix, Magento, BigCommerce, Big Cartel, Volusion, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. There are a ton more out there but these are the most trusted and reliable ones. 

Know which platform is best for you. Know the ins and outs, there are instances that you don’t even have to keep an inventory.

Also, stay away from get-rich-quick schemes that promise the moon and stars for you without “hard work”. Work smart and stay vigilant in this space and with the right tools you’ll be successful for sure.

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Start a Podcast

Start A Podcast

One of the most profitable home business ideas today is starting your very own podcast.

All you need to have is a good working computer, internet connection, decent microphone, and some knowledge on how to edit and upload audio to the appropriate platform. 

In a nutshell, podcasts are discussions, spoken word, or audio episodes that are uploaded and made available for public listening. 

The beauty of podcasts lies in the fact that it’s free-flowing and does not have many restrictions as far as what you can talk about.

You can do it alone or with a partner or a group of people. 

Again, it can be about anything. So, you may talk about the things that you are interested in, experiences, expertise, or maybe about your day-to-day life. 

It can be a commentary on certain relevant issues, pop culture, or full of rant. 

But the best podcasts make sure that the listeners get a lot of value out of taking the time to listen to you and that they are meaningful and insightful. 

As you can see, you don’t need to prepare a lot to have your own podcasts and you can upload your audio files to the platforms for FREE. 

You can start your own podcast on social media platforms, a streaming platform such as YouTube, or in prominent platforms like Spotify or Apple Music (Apple Podcast) where sometimes if you’re successful you may get exclusivity. 

SoundCloud is another free platform you may upload stuff on. Podcasts are oftentimes niche-oriented which is strategic for you to have guaranteed listeners. 

That means that you need to find a unique area where you’re really good at or at least interested in enough for you to learn it for meaningful discussions.

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POD business

POD Business

Ah! The POD or print-on-demand business.

One of the rather brilliant business ideas in this 21st century. How it works is in the name itself, sellers put up their designs online whether, for t-shirts, mugs, caps, bags, etc., and they will only print as buyers order. 

This way, sellers won’t have to invest a huge amount of capital just to put up their brand online.

This gives creative sellers the flexibility they need and buyers enjoy exciting designs in return. 

Where to put up one if you’re interested in POD? Well, Amazon should be your best bet. Ecommerce platforms can accommodate you too. 

The good news is there are a number of platforms and marketplaces to help you out. 

Simply upload your artwork, pick a product type and color, and add an item description. They will create a product page for you, just promote and the rest on them : 

  • Merch by Amazon
  • Printful
  • Printify
  • Teespring
  • Spreadshirt
  • Redbubble

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Become a freelance writer, designer, or developer

Become A Freelance Writer

More like a career venture as opposed to a business idea, you may also try your hand as a freelance writer, designer, or developer.

Content and copywriters are in high demand nowadays in online job sites as well as graphic designers and web developers.

Such a profession can easily be turned into a business venture if you can put up your very own agency hiring others to work for you instead. 

As a writer, your job is to be flexible and write about almost anything under the sun, review products, or write informative articles. You must be a good researcher and adaptable. 

Recommended platforms to get your initial customers are Fiverr,  UpworkBloggingProRemote.co, and Problogger Jobs.

On the other hand, being a graphics designer require multiple skills and creativity. Just like a web developer, a background in Information Technology should help.

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Affiliate Marketing

how affiliate Marketing works 2021

How Affiliate Marketing Works - Source

In connection with content writing, the reason why there are a ton of product review articles online is due to affiliate marketing. 

According to data from Statista, affiliate marketing spending in the United States only is predicted to touch $8.2 billion by 2022, 3 times high compared to 10 years back. 

Internationally, advertisers spent $13 billion in affiliate marketing for the year 2017 ( according to  Awin Report  )

These figures illustrate that affiliate marketers will possibly stay to rise in the 2020s. 

Simply put, without being commissioned by brands or sellers, affiliate marketers help in the marketing efforts of certain products and if buyers are lead to buying such products through affiliate links or sites then the affiliate marketer gets a piece of the earnings. 

This involves a lot of hustle and grunt work but if you persevere enough it could be a lucrative business venture or at least good side income. 

PartnerstackImpactShareASaleRakutenClickbank, and Skimlinks are some of the largest affiliate channels and tools that can support you earn cash from the content you already create.

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Teach an online course

Teach An Online Course

If podcasts are online audio discussions meant to both educate and entertain then teaching an online course is a bit formal where the goal is to educate students on varying subjects. 

There are a lot of online course platforms nowadays that offer mentors, coaches, and teachers to teach and earn online or you can get an exclusive contract through agencies.

Obviously, most online teachers are really educators by profession and you can’t teach if you don’t have a degree. 

But there are opportunities for those who don’t have an education degree too as long as you’re good at what you claim to teach.

Better yet, put up your own online school by taking advantage of the internet or social media platforms. ( like Coach.me. )

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Start a Blog

Start A Blog

Enter your text here...

If talking is not really your style and you better express yourself by writing your thoughts then why not start a blog?

Like podcasts, there are no restrictions here as far as the topics that you may want to talk about and you can churn out as many blogs as you want. 

It won’t be lucrative at all at first but as your blog grows so too will your chance of monetizing it.

You may cross-post it on social media to gain readers but really if you are someone oozing with creative juices and things to tell then creating your very own blog is the right route to take. 

When you consider starting a blog, you sometimes wonder where to start, in what order to do things, and to learn. The amount of information available online is enormous ...

In this article, I offer you a step-by-step guide and a checklist to commence your blog by recognizing many aspects.

Here are some of the details I carry in my extensive blogging Free Guide cover: 

  • Choose Your Blog’s Niche.
  • Set Your Blog’s Goals
  • Choose The Right Blogging Platform
  • Choosing The Domain Name!
  • Do Proper Keyword Research
  • How to Choose Your Host? like Hostinger or Cloudways.
  • How to Create A WordPress Blog
  • How to Create A WordPress Blog Using Cloudways
  • How to Create A WordPress Blog Using Cloudways
  • Write Quality Content For Your Blog
  • Develop Your Content Strategy
  • Measure And Analyze All The Statistics

If you are interested and ready today, I suggest you sign-up with Hostinger for $2.59/month with FREE Domain, which is very affordable compared to thier normal price.

Hostinger Discount 5

Hold in mind that blogging is not an accurate science: there is no one method to begin and develop a blog, and no one “formula” either.

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Virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is actually one of the most lucrative or highest-paying jobs online today.

We can even say that it pays way better compared to online writers but of course, with the lucrative salary comes a lot of responsibilities. 

A virtual assistant is essentially an online secretary where bosses relegate mundane and repetitive tasks and grunt work to their assistants. 

This involves a lot of paperwork, administrative tasks, and even appointment scheduling. That’s just but a few of what a virtual assistant does. 

To be a virtual assistant one must be adaptable, multi-skilled, and patient.

Not everyone can handle the workload but if you’re someone who’s up to the task then it can be a very high-paying job. 

Also, just like online writers, developers, and designers, you can have your own agency for virtual assistants which can be very lucrative as long as you have a pool of clients and the organizational skills to manage people. 

You need to have interpersonal skills, be a great communicator, and also a decision-maker.

Virtual assistants also tend to work long hours so be sure to have a good work and life balance. 

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Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are hired by companies, brands, celebrities, and businessmen to help in mostly their visibility online.

They are essentially the public relations officer in this digital world. 

As a social media manager, your tasks involve posting day-to-day scheduled activities or content on social media platforms or maybe sites like YouTube among others.

This is to keep the audience of the profiles you manage engaged and informed of what’s to come of what’s happening. 

To become an effective social media manager one must be very creative and pretty much involved in the planning phase of the contents to be posted.

This is to ensure that the online presence of whoever it is you are managing is maintained if not broadcasted to a much wider audience for whatever intents and purposes it may serve. 

Social media managers should have a good working knowledge about today’s leading social media platforms specifically Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tiktok, and many more. 

Consequently, one must be familiar with the different tools used by social media managers like HootSuite, Sprout Social, or Agora Pulse.

Also, you should familiarize yourself with project management tools like Monday.com, and social media managers are also expected to have some graphic design or editing skills so familiarizing yourself with tools such as Canva is always a big plus.  

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SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

SEO is one of the most widespread techniques employed nowadays to not only market your brand but to keep you relevant and competitive.

If you don’t exist in the digital world then you don’t have a business, that’s just the reality of things today.

That’s why SEO consultants are very in demand today.

Getting your website to rank number 1 in Google is not an easy feat but if you get assistance from those who’ve been there and done that then it’s definitely not impossible. 

SEO consultants employ techniques that are within the boundaries of what Google allows to help you realize your dream to be searchable and get on top of the rankings.

If you’re on top or at least on page 1 of Google then that means you’re credible and offers good business. 

A robust SEO process can help you get more business opportunities and keep you relevant.

Not only that, it can help you grow your business to heights you can only dream of.

If you want to be an SEO consultant, you’re going to have to learn it first and earn the appropriate certifications. An IT background definitely is a plus.

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Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Projected as one of the most in-demand jobs in the next decade or so, data analysis may seem boring but it’s pretty lucrative.

Entry-level data analysis jobs may require a bachelor’s degree but not necessarily a data analysis course.

And with most online business ventures, you can definitely develop your data analysis skills on your own.

Just a few useful seminars or certifications here and there should suffice. But of course, the most important thing here is your keen attention to detail and patience to do the job.

Data analysis is basically the process of inspecting, transforming, cleansing, and even modeling data for conclusions, support decision making, and discover information from it.

Data analytics is employed by almost anyone of any firm nowadays that’s why analysts are so in demand and paid a lot. 

Even sports teams use them. Might not sound sexy but the potential is quite high in this field.

Also, if you want to earn more then study more to develop more skills. Get a bachelor’s or master’s degree for it and you’ll surely reap the benefits as data analytics ain’t going nowhere anytime soon. 

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Translators will never go out of style.

Having said that, once you’re a translator which of course, warrants that you need to speak multiple languages and other means of communication, you will never run out of a job or business opportunity. 

Especially with the globalization of the world which is of course, also brought about in part to the development of the internet, translators are in high demand because people communicate from halfway across the world so they can work together.

Companies from affluent countries keep on pushing the boundaries of making efficient and fruitful endeavors that’s why they outsource certain jobs that they think would have a good return on investments. 

And, this is where translators come into the picture to fill in a lot of gaps and hopefully make such endeavors successful by ensuring that there would be no miscommunication along the way. 

You may work as a translator online by literally translating spoken communication or maybe translate text through transcripts that are very high on demand nowadays.

bviously, the more language you speak especially those in-demand languages, the better the opportunities for you and the higher you get paid. 

Translation jobs aren’t also only limited to something spoken but jobs like sign languages are also high in demand.

Communication is important in this day and age especially since things could get misinterpreted rather easily in a fast-paced business environment. 



If an online content and copywriter is in demand nowadays, then so are ghostwriters.

If you are someone who loves to write but doesn’t want to write product reviews or informative articles, then perhaps having to ghostwrite for fiction and non-fiction work is for you.

Ghostwriting jobs vary though and depending on where you are good at you can take your pick. You can either ghostwrite novels, short stories, educational E-books, or blog articles.

If you’re going to write blog articles then make sure you are versatile enough to write about a ton of topics. 

If you are someone who loves storytelling, watches a lot of movies, or reads a lot of books then you may try your hand at novel ghostwriting.

Nowadays, young adult stories are still pretty much high in demand as well as fan fiction. 

Ghostwriters for children’s books, adult romance stories, and horror stories are also quite prevalent.

The pay is good and if you love writing then it won’t feel like a job at all. All you have to be is good at meeting deadlines and be imaginative. 

Buy and Sell Domain Names

Buy And Sell Domain Names
For the internet lurkers and hustlers buying and selling domain names is nothing new.

If you really know your way around the World Wide Web then this can be a very worthwhile and lucrative business opportunity.

But to those who are not familiar, buying and selling domain names works exactly how it sounds. All right, let’s start with an example of a domain name, we’ll give you one, google.com.

It’s the unique name that appears after the @ symbol in an address that one can easily remember. Following us so far? Are you seeing how this can be lucrative? Remember SEO?

Knowing that if your website is searchable and generates better business opportunities if you rank high on search engines illustrates the value of a popular domain name. 

What domain name buyers and sellers do is that they buy domain names and hope that in time, they’ll be popular or in demand that they can sell it to whoever wants it. This is how they make a profit.

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The world is really changing, huh?

Gone are the days that you need a degree or huge capital to start earning huge profits in return. Right now, all you need to have is a good working computer, internet, and wit. 

YouTubers from around the globe are earning a gazillion dollars regularly today with their chosen niche and content.

So, of course, everyone wants to be a YouTuber young and old. Well, that’s the beauty of this venture, it does not discriminate at all no matter what is it that you want to showcase on your YouTube channel. 

It’s pretty much like a makeshift TV channel that earns through YouTube’s money-making scheme and advertising.

Content may vary from game streaming, analysis videos, opinion sharing, news, music, pets, and almost anything that you can think of.

Even kids unboxing toys are earning millions of dollars on the platform. So, why can’t you do so as well, right?

Well, the key here is finding what you are good at and exploring elements that viewers would also be interested in. 

Don’t get us wrong, being a YouTuber is hard work with you constantly coming up with interesting content to keep your subscribers interested, growing, and making your videos go viral. It’s a full-time job if you want to really earn from it.

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Publish your own books/EBooks

Publish Your Own BooksEBooks

Gone are the days that aspiring writers and novelists struggle to find a publisher just to get their material out to the world.

Today, self-publishing exist and because of once again our dear old friend the internet, what you write can reach the device of someone halfway around the world and they can read it. 

There are a lot of digital self-publishing platforms nowadays and you only have to take your pick depending on the type of crowd or readers that you want to reach.

Your e-book does not have to be the next bestseller or something that movie productions will adapt into the screen for a billion bucks. 

It could be anything, self-help, autobiographical, children’s themed books, short stories, novels, educational, non-fiction, and whatever you want to write. 

What’s great about e-book writing in the world we live in today is because a platform like Amazon where you can publish or print on demand.

They will do all the grunt work from printing, order processing, and delivery and you split the profits. 

So whether you write e-books yourself or you have a group of writers you want to manage as long as you have a passion for writing then this best business idea that makes money might be for you. 

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Start an Amazon FBA Business

Start An Amazon FBA Business

Definitely, a top 10 most successful businesses to start with is to go for an Amazon FBA business.

FBA here means Fulfillment by Amazon and it’s one of the best businesses to start with very little money today.

Amazon is accountable for $386 billion in revenue in 2020. It was one of the 4 tech businesses to touch a $1 trillion market cap and is accelerating on its approach to surpass $2 trillion.

All you need to do is to pick the product or products that you want to sell and leave it for Amazon to manage.

They will take care of picking, packing, shipping, and providing customer service to your buyers it’s like having an entire company working for you. 

FBA is one of the best platforms that can really help you scale your business and scale it fast.

The platform is also one of the biggest in the world today and so you are almost certain that you will reach more customers than you can only imagine. 

It’s not easy though and of course, it will take a lot of hard work from your end and attention to detail.

Also, Amazon is a cutthroat platform that some would say is a bit saturated already and so expect that the competition will be tough even if you find yourself a unique niche. 

But that’s not in any way going to deter you from putting up a multi-million online store, isn’t it?

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Become an Influencer

Become An Influencer

We’re pretty sure that you’ve heard of the term influencer one way or another.

It can be considered a Gen-Z term (like a lot of the terms here are) and it’s been making its rounds all over the world, in popular media and culture. 

Basically, you can be an influencer in many ways and incorporate a lot of the unique business ideas we already discussed and are also about to discuss into your process of influencing your target audience. 

Basically, an influencer is purportedly a person who’s got an expert opinion on certain fields who has the power to influence people to go for a certain brand, product, service, or establishment. The most common type of influencer would surely be the foodie. 

Influencers have had notoriety due to the fact that there are no clear-cut rules to calling one’s self influencer.

Nine times out of ten those who do so are posers or are not really in any way experts of what they claim to be and just want free access to certain things. 

But, that doesn’t change the fact that influencers are oftentimes employed as they are essential in helping a brand grow.

Influencers may use YouTube as their platform as well as, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, social media content, and a lot more. The internet is definitely their playground and can be yours too. 

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Definitely, one of the best business ideas to make money nowadays is a Dropshipping business.

For those who are not familiar with how it works, it is essentially putting up an online store but not having the products yourself.

What you do is that once a customer orders a product from you, you send the order to a retailer which you preferably buy products wholesale to make a profit and they themselves ship the order to your customers directly.

Pretty simple, right?

This business model is considered a low-cost business idea with a high profit due to the fact that you don’t need to have your own inventory which can cost a lot and needs physical storage location which is capital intensive and not very ideal. 

You just need to find a good platform to put up your online store in and find a retailer who will work with you for your Dropshipping venture.

Once again, it’s not going to be easy but the basic elements you’re going to have to execute first is to find the products that you want to sell, put up your online store, and of course, find ways why customers will buy from you instead of directly from retail stores.

Easier said than done but not impossible. A lot have become successful in the Dropshipping business. 

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Become a video editor

Become A Video Editor

Video editing is not a new unique business idea for video production has been around for ages but due to the reach of the internet, anyone can work on a video editing project as long the skills required are met. 

Video editing is one of those ventures where you really need to have honed your skills so it pays to practice a lot or start on smaller projects first before taking on larger ones.

Video editors are in demand and are paid handsomely but as we said, you need to have the skills and the portfolio to get constant and good paying projects.

It’s also one of those skills where you need to be constantly updated on newer trends or else you’ll be left behind.

Make sure you are familiar with the techniques, software, and at least you should knowledgeable in video production or filmmaking for they will always go hand in hand.

Video editors can either work on live-action videos or animation. As long as you work hard, meet deadlines, and communicate properly with your clients, then you won’t run out of opportunities. 

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Make money in data

Make Money In Data

Just like what we said in data analytics, having the ability to research existing data, aggregating it, and enriching it is one of the most lucrative business ideas today.

Everyone relies on the availability of data to make informed decisions, grow their business, or make their brands successful. 

And data, if you know where to look and what to analyze has never been more readily available as it is today. So, how do you sell data and make money from it? 

Well, for one, you can have data readily available for customers and sell them as insights. As mentioned, these insights through your data are going to be valuable for businesses to grow.

For example, you’ll give online sellers great insights into what people are buying nowadays. 

Next is marketing and advertising agencies may use your data sold to them to strengthen their marketing strategies for them to meet if not exceed their goals.

Ultimately, data can also be used to increase a company’s valuation. There are a lot of ways to use data ethically and help companies out both large corporations and startups alike. 

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Web research

Web Research

The internet is yours for the taking, so, why not take advantage of it, right?

You have all the resources that you’d need if you just know how and where to look on the internet and just like in data analytics, people and companies alike will pay for what you can generate for them. 

The World Wide Web to an expert web researcher is like a treasure trove and that’s even an understatement.

It’s just a powerful tool that if you know how to use and use to its fullest capacity can yield profits you can only imagine. 

Aside from being a patient and thorough researcher you also need how to sort data effectively by using the techniques on how to filter out search results that are far from what you need.

Knowing how to look into the depth of the web while still keeping yourself within the boundaries of internet ethics is a great way to go about things. 

Aside from finding data, you also need to be skillful in terms of pooling data and putting it to good use. 

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Foreign Language Teacher

Foreign Language Teacher

Online teaching, mentoring, and tutoring are perhaps some of the first sets of jobs that were made available at the advent of the internet.

Ever since then, teachers are able to reach and teach students from across the globe and most often than none, for a much more affordable rate. 

And there’s none amongst all the subjects that have been more in demand than compared to foreign language teaching.

Just like translation, it will never go away, well maybe. And it’s also safe to say that the language that’s being taught the most is English. 

There are countries aside from native English-speaking ones that are fluent with the language especially those that treat it as a second language.

And there are countries that don’t but their citizens for whatever purposes might still need to learn it that’s why they seek tutoring online.

That’s really practical if the only other option is to travel to another country just to learn the language. If you’ll go for foreign language teaching, prepare to teach said language to persons from all walks of life.

Very low investment is needed here too. Just your stable internet connection, headset, video camera, and a knack for teaching. 

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Voiceover Business

Voiceover Business

Of course, who could forget about the voiceover business or voice acting? In case you didn’t know, this is one of the top money-making businesses today.

Voice actors are abundant in job sites like Fiverr where you can avail of multiple types of services in the creative industry. 

A voice actor’s services are utilized for commercials, animation, TV, corporate video presentation, films, podcasts, and for whatever form of content that you need. 

You need to have a knack for transforming yourself or rather your voice into whatever your client would require and give the listeners the experience intended. 

This requires skill that is honed by practice not just to improve your quality and versatility but also to increase your confidence in taking on projects.

You will also have to invest in your gears such as computers, microphones, and software you’d need to edit your tasks. 

It pays off if you have good voice quality, to begin with, but really it’s all about being a chameleon when it counts. 

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Another one of those not-so-new business ideas but with today’s technology have been made easier to do.

To be a financial planner one might need to have a degree related to this venture. 

Essentially, financial planning is the comprehensive evaluation of one’s individual current financial status (pay and future financial status) by using whatever variables available currently to predict incomes, withdrawal plans, and asset values. 

In a nutshell, it’s basically guiding someone to have a step-by-step approach on going about meeting their goals in life.

Basically, it assists you to control your income, taxes, debts, expenses, investments, and RETIREMENT so that you can control your cash and accomplish your goals. 

Shocking surveys and stats show that 64% of all Americans will typically retire broke, due to improper money managemen

Financial planners can help someone establish both short and long-term goals through prudent spending, tax planning, careful budgeting, and all the other techniques needed to come up with desired results. 

Aside from a bachelor’s degree, one must be up to date and knowledgeable about investments, estates, taxes, and risk management at least among the basic skills you need to possess. 

If you are an excellent communicator and great at analytics then this unique business idea may just be for you.  

Ad Management

Ad Management

Adverting is certainly one of the most lucrative business ideas today. Definitely top 5 we can confidently say. And most especially online advertising. 

In essence, ad management is a planned process of overseeing and controlling certain activities of programs to communicate with a brand’s target market in hopes of influencing their decision when it’s time for purchase. 

In ad management, you don’t necessarily create the ad although sometimes the two services are done by the same service provider or are packaged together in ad management alone to be specific.

What you do is that you ensure that said advertisement reaches the target audience and changes their mind enough to sway them to buy what your client is selling. 

This takes skill but the beauty of this kind of business opportunity is that it can be done by an individual but also by a team.

There are technical skills to learn and data to gather but really ad management is all about creativity and wit to be effective. 

What’s important is the ad’s message to be effectively ingrained in your target market’s minds. 

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Handmade Stuff

Handmade Stuff

Now that you can sell almost anything online and don’t need to worry about putting up a physical store then maybe you can go for handmade products or handicrafts.

This could very well be your niche in the massive online selling business. 

If you are someone who’s creative and have a passion for different handicrafts then you don’t even have to have significant capital to start one and put it up online.

You never know, the handicrafts that you are passionate about can be the next bestseller. 

If you have some unique designs in your mind and can execute them then why not go for it. some of the bestselling handmade products online are custom printed stuff like stickers, coasters, pillows, towels, and many more. 

You may also sell jewelry, accessories, candles, holders, and anything that you can think of. Remember, it’s not just all about the aesthetics but also something that your buyer can make use of in their daily lives. 

Platforms like Etsy, ArtFire, and ECrater .are top online selling sites where you may put up your art projects and sell them. 

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Sell on eBay

Sell On EBay

Selling on eBay is not a new thing and if you can be successful in Amazon or Walmart then why not in this popular platform, right? 

So, why choose eBay over any other platforms especially the ones that we’ve mentioned?

Actually, Amazon has got very stringent and larger than the usual cut on your margins. That’s why it’s pretty hard to make a profit sometimes over there.

eBay, on the other hand, is a much more seller-friendly platform should we say for they offer discounts especially on their shipping costs that sometimes reach up to 50% off. 

You can also sell almost anything you want on eBay and it’s a very well-known platform no question where you will have a wide reach as far as customers are concerned. 

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Fill Out Online Surveys

Fill Out Online Surveys

Filling out surveys online may seem boring but that’s because it maybe is.

But this micro task can turn into something lucrative if you have the patience to execute it.

Especially if you have an agency or a team behind you to do a lot of it. 

This is part of data gathering and as mentioned, data is very important in this day and age. Surveys vary from your favorite TV shows to opinion polls like if stormy weather would affect cloud computing. 

They can be bizarre or out of this world but the thing is if you can think it, someone somewhere will have a use for it.

Surveys will come in many forms necessary and their length vary from 2 to 300 questions or more.

There are also a ton of other micro tasks available for you to explore if you’re willing to try this type of venture.  

Among the online surveys' organizations that pay you for filling Out Online Surveys are SwagbucksUser Interviews, and InboxDollars

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Other Best Business Ideas 

If living in the digital space ain’t really 100% your style and you’re naturally a social kind of person then maybe these awesome and unique business ideas and ventures are for you.

Take note though that unlike most of the online business ideas that we discussed above, these ventures may require some form of capital.

Go on right ahead and see what best fits your style, interests, and skills. 

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Photography used to be this profession or hobby that’s costly and so not anyone can buy a camera and be a photographer.

Well, today it’s still costly but not that much to discourage aspiring photographers to buy their very own digital camera and eventually start a career.

It’s no coincidence that with the mass production and availability of digital cameras especially the ones with superior quality like the DSLR with mirrorless varieties available today also came the rise of the wedding photography services industry. 

They are so high in demand that it’s still pretty much a lucrative business opportunity for anyone who can afford the gears even the competition can be quite stiff.

It’s even more lucrative for those who have already established their name in the industry due to referrals and because of the fact that there will always be couples to be wed at any given time and at any given place. 

You’re going to have to invest in your camera and gear.

Also, you need to invest and know your way around the different software used to deliver your photos. And, you might also need a crew behind you for better outputs and more efficient work.

As a wedding photographer, your services may be needed as early as the pre-nuptial phase, wedding preparations, actual wedding, reception, and post-wedding activities.

Normally it’s not just photography but also videography which is a completely different discipline but most of the skills required pretty much overlap photography given the use of a camera is still involved.

You can be a good photographer if you have the necessary gears but you can be a great photographer if you’ve mastered the basics yet essential aspects of the practice such as framing, composition, and concept. 

Remember, it’s not the fancy gears that matter but your ability to capture the essence of the moment. 

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Drive at Uber or Lyft

Drive At Uber Or Lyft

Apart from local rules and laws, what you would generally need to drive an Uber or Lyft service is a smartphone, driver’s license, a car with insurance, and you must be at least 21 years old. 

Being an Uber or Lyft driver is a pretty practical way of living.

Trust us, in this day and age, you’ll earn a lot from it and you won’t even have to drive around all day. You can have as many working hours as you like or as little.

You will have control over what you do and with the flexible schedule comes the opportunity to do something else.

Also, the reason why a lot of people generally like riding Ubers as compared to public transportation or taxis is that they feel a lot safer due to the availability of the driver’s information. 

And, safety goes both ways. The drivers are just as protected as the passengers. So, if you live in a busy city preferably in the metro then perhaps applying as an Uber or Lyft driver is for you. 

Airbnb Host

Airbnb Host

One of the most successful small business ideas today is to be an Airbnb host.

People love to travel the world no matter what and having your place ready for them to board is always a lucrative business idea. 

People backpack or cross the seas just to experience culture and different cities.

So, this is especially advantageous for those living in touristy areas but guess what, those crowded metropolises and capitals are sometimes causing travelers to explore unpopular yet just as stunning destinations. 

Beachside properties are always going to be popular and at the same time, properties that are within the city and are accessible to everything a nomad would need.

Some stay long-term and others short-term. 

Be sure to familiarize yourself with how Airbnb works, the different booking systems, websites like Tripadvisors, and how to generally treat tourists when they stay at your property.

Depending on the dwelling that you plan to enroll in Airbnb’s system, this will need a good amount of capital but it can have a good amount of ROI. 

Also, be sure to have some form of insurance for your property always in place for your protection, and  How Much you Can You Make as an Airbnb Host ?

Read this also: The Risks and Rewards of Making Money With Airbnb

Personal Trainer or Wellness Coach

Personal Trainer Or Wellness Coach

Being a personal trainer or a wellness coach does not require a bachelor’s degree. All you need is the passion to help others get into tip-top shape.

Health buffs, gym rats, and those who have a knack for staying fit and healthy themselves are best fitted for this business venture. 

You can be a personal trainer and go to your client’s place to train them.

That wouldn’t require for you to have a place of your own to receive them plus they will need to have their own gears so this business model will have very little capital but only your knowledge and credibility as a coach. 

You can also be a part of a program and work with fellow coaches or lastly if you have some capital you can put up your own gym where people come to train and get fit. 

This business idea will also stay in demand and won’t ever go stale. Why? Well, people need to stay fit and healthy no matter the era.

Exercising on your own at home is not as inspiring for some and they need someone else to guide them so they can stay motivated. That’s where you come into the picture. 

Tour Guide

Tour Guide

Speaking of business ideas that will perhaps never go out of style or in demand, why don’t you put up a tour guide agency?

Well, generally it’s the tour guides that are the best fit to start a tour agency for they know their way around places.

Also, locals are the best tour guides. You can even give people in your community good earning jobs. 

To be a tour guide, one would need a vehicle to take tourists on and explore the areas that they want to enjoy.

Also, you’d probably need a crew depending on the size of your service or its scope.

As mentioned, knowledge of the area to be toured is compulsory and not just knowledge read somewhere but all the ins and outs of a place so the tour can be as authentic as possible and at the same time everyone will be safe at all times. 

To be a tour guide, one must also be physically fit for you’ll probably do a lot of walking, hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing.

Knowing a few dialects and languages should also put you on the in-demand list.

Offering tourist-friendly discounts, as well as established deals with travel-related businesses, should also bode well for this type of service. 

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A good tailor will never be low in demand for a well-tailored dress or clothing is always way better than ready-to-make garments that you can buy at any department store.

Uniforms and customized clothing will always be in demand and always be lucrative. 

Especially if you are a pretty good designer, like fashion, you will never go out of style. Custom suits and dresses are still the go-to variety especially for the wealthy like celebrities.

If you are just starting out in your career then we can say that it’s going to be an uphill battle but don’t let that discourage you as tailoring is still a unique business idea that you never know will come back in very high demand again very soon. 

Car Washing and Detailing

Car Washing And Detailing

This is a business for car enthusiasts as they are the ones who know the ins and outs of automobiles and will definitely have the passion to take care of them. 

While car washing is practically a mechanical process car detailing, on the other hand, is an art form. Car detailing is not just all aesthetics though as it also deals with the mechanical side of car maintenance. 

When expert car detailers work on vehicles they make sure to keep them in their best shape possible through design.

This design would serve certain functions in the vehicle and would oftentimes be not just to make it look pretty. 

This can involve offering protection for your car against various elements like UV and sunshine, weather erosion, acid rain, industry powder, bird droppings, and even something like tree sap. 

A background in automobiles and mechanical engineering can be a huge plus if you want to go this route.

And most of the time, car-washing and detailing are package with a few other car services especially buying and selling accessories or cars themselves. It’s pretty lucrative and the business opportunities won’t go away anytime soon for sure. 

Child Care

Child Care

Child care or maybe even babysitting is always going to be in high demand in this busy day and age.

Especially since nowadays, both moms and dads are working full-time jobs. So, of course, in comes the nannies. 

You can have a child care agency especially in the metro areas where they will be high in demand. The good thing about babysitting is that it can be a part-time job for some and even teenagers can do it as they study. 

Child care services can be called up as needed or also send a babysitter as a full-time employee for a family.

Another good thing about child care agencies is that families or parents rest assured that whoever they let in on their house and trust their kids or babies with are well-documented and won’t inflict any harm nor danger to the family. 

This also goes both ways as the nannies are also protected in some form by their agency. That’s a win-win situation for sure and a business idea that will never run out of demand.

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Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker

They say that being a real estate broker now can be very challenging but if you ask us, the risk is going to be completely worth it.

The real estate business is going to continually grow no matter the status quo and you’ll never run out of the opportunity to get yourself some lucrative deals. 

To be a successful real estate agent you should be a go-getter and have a knack at finding out what your potential client needs and fulfill them.

Not all real estate agents employ the same approach, some are aggressive, and some are a bit laid back, while others go by the use of data which is very important in this field. 

To be a successful real estate agent you need to be a good communicator and always keep in touch with clients.

You need to have the network nor know how to do your research on relevant information. 

You need to be proactive and know how to listen to the demands of your clients. Know your client’s time frame and be knowledgeable of the area that you operate in.

if you’re someone who’s always on the go and updated then maybe this business opportunity is for you. 

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Mobile Laundry Services

Mobile Laundry Services

Surely you’ve noticed the trend on our list right here, the unique business ideas we discuss are the ones that make everyone’s lives better and more convenient but in modern ways.

Mobile laundry services are also quite in demand today and you might as well give it a shot. 

Once again mobile laundry services are high on demand in cities and metro areas where people live a busy lifestyle and can’t really spare some time to do their own laundry.

This business idea means exactly how it sounds. 

You just need to have the appropriate vehicle and pick up as well as deliver laundry when they are done.

There are about two ways that you can execute this, first, is you can partner up with an existing laundry service provider and be their transportation service.

You probably can partner up with more than just one.

Or, you may do the laundry yourself but that should obviously be more capital intensive. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to do laundry but you have to be careful with what’s entrusted with you to retain your customers and gain more. 

Being naturally outgoing and friendly should help boost your customer pool. 

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Personal Chef

Personal Chef

Being a personal chef means that you probably won’t work in a restaurant setting but be in the employment of an individual, family, or business.

Depending on your contract you may cook somewhere else but most of the time, personal chefs are paid handsomely. 

Being a chef is one of those professions that you may go for regardless if you have some formal training or not. Some just have a passion for cooking and then go on to be very successful.

Of course, to be a personal chef, one could either have solid credentials, impressed a client, or be renowned.

Some chefs thrive through the hustle and bustle world of restaurants but if you think a more laid-back way of cooking best fits your style then this is for you to explore.   

You can imagine more flexible or shorter working hours if you become a personal chef as compared to working in public establishments. 

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Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

Are you a dog person or a cat person? If the answer is that you are an animal-loving person then maybe a pet grooming business is the right idea for you.

Pet grooming services is one of those business ideas that require that you indeed love what you do. And we mean, what’s there not to love about pets, right?. More than 67% of American families have at least one pet.

The US pet business alone touched $99 Billion in 2020. The industry is constantly evolving. It increased from $97.5 billion in 2019 to $99 billion in 2020. That's $1.5 billion in just one single year!

Pets are a part of our lives already and surely you won’t run out of clients anytime soon if you treat them and most especially their pets the right way.

If you’re updated in pet care and use the best techniques to take care of them then you should be in demand all the time and get paid well.

Pet grooming services usually double as pet shop stores where you can sell anything a pet needs and even a pet hotel or in some cases hospitals. It’s certainly a place for vets and it is super rewarding. 

And take note, the pet industry is one of the largest industries in the world with old and new ideas about how to take care of pets always in high demand. Just watch Shark Tank. 

Food trucks

Food Trucks

Of course, our list won’t be complete if we don’t talk about something food business-related. So, what’s in the massive food and restaurant industry, and what’s new?

One of the best business ideas to make money in India for example is through food trucks.

No doubt about it, each culture loves eating food, and what better way to eat food than in the streets or to have instant access to it.

Some people are too busy to go to your favorite restaurants and so you take the restaurant to them. 

You’ll probably have a lot of food delivery businesses to contend with but there are actually no rules about not having both on your business model.

Food trucks are popular because not only they are conveniently available in strategic places, they can be flexible for you as an operator too.

Well, of course, let’s not forget about the most important thing here. Just make sure that your food is great and delicious.

Find a nice or cook what you’re passionate about. You don’t need to be a professional chef to do this either. 

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Bookkeeping and accounting

Bookkeeping And Accounting

You will need to have a degree in accounting to be a bookkeeper or accountant but this type of job or business venture will always be in demand. So, what do bookkeepers and accountants do? Oh, and yes, there’s a difference. 

Bookkeepers are more on the transactional and administrative side of things. Most of their job entails the recording of all your financial transactions.

On the other hand, accountants give you insights into your finances based on your bookkeeping records. 

The top two must-have skills in order to be a good bookkeeper are analytical skills and attention to detail.

Given that you will handle the finances of your client or their businesses then you need to be accurate, there’s no middle ground for it or else you’ll be responsible for missing out on discrepancy on the books. 

That’s pretty much the same deal with how to be an effective accountant. You also have to be a good communicator, adaptable, and great at time management. 

Maids & Cleaning Services

Maids & Cleaning Services

Another one of those services that will never go out of style or run out of demands unless maybe they create cleaning robots or even that you can go ahead and hire cleaning robots yourself.

Kidding aside, setting up maids and cleaning services business is always going to be a good idea. 

Once again, if you’re situated in a highly urbanized area then most likely than none, anyone out there is in need of a good cleaning service. The key here is to gain and keep the trust of your clients so they will not go somewhere else.

And, how do you expect to do that? Well, very simple, make sure that their place is always squeaky clean and we don’t think that’s very hard to do.

Hiring diligent maids and cleaners should be a good start and always checking on the quality of work above all else without taking anything for granted. 

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Bakery/Custom Cakes/Snacks Shop

BakeryCustom CakesSnacks Shop

Tasty and sweet treats are more popular than ever. Whether it is an online business or physical store, baked goods, cakes, and snacks are always going to be comfort foods for many. We eat sweets as desserts on ordinary occasions and we do too when it’s time to celebrate. 

So, just think about it. If you start a bakery, cake shop, or snack shop now, as long as you have a unique concept and of course, sell delicious treats, you’ll always have customers no matter where you are. 

You can be a one-man show, be in a partnership, or put up your own store with a few employees depending on your capital.

Naturally, those who love baking and has got a sweet tooth are the ones who go for this business idea. 

You also don‘t really need formal training to bake and if you can thrive in this venture as long as you are passionate about it. 

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Florist/Flowers Delivery Service

FloristFlowers Delivery Service

If you have the flair for romance or celebrating the good or even the bad times, then maybe you’ll thrive as a florist.

Most who become florists are the ones that have flower farms or have always had this business in their family.

But, who knows, if there are not enough florists or flower deliverers in your area and you have the passion for it, then maybe this will work for you. 

To be successful at this business, one would certainly be required to have knowledge about flowers. 

Knowing what to suggest for your patrons to give to their beloved according to the occasion or just appropriate to what they feel is key to having a successful flower shop business. 

Have you heard the saying that if you can’t put up a smile then you’re not fit to put up a shop? Perhaps that saying is none more applicable than to be a florist.

You need to be an inspiration to your community for your product is like an extension of you. And to send joy, sympathy, and love is your role. 

Mobile Phones/Gadgets Repair

Mobile PhonesGadgets Repair

Probably not one of the most visible yet still needed services today.

Mobile phones and gadgets repair was one of the most in-demand services in just about a decade ago but maybe because smartphones and a lot of other gadgets have been so dispensable and affordable nowadays so repairing them is almost no longer an option for most. 

But still, it could be a good business idea especially if you have the training for it and the passion for it.

Very little capital is needed to and you can just learn how to do it from the web. A background in computer hardware and software should be a boost.

All you need is yourself and a small booth to operate and receive clients in. 

Event and Party Planning

Event And Party Planning

A lot of people are celebrating a lot of stuff and so they’d need an event and party planner for sure.

If you choose to go with this profession or business idea then you’ll most likely deal with corporate events and parties the most and rarely for personal ones, for businesses, small and large are the ones that need to have these gatherings that would require your services. 

Event and party planning involve coming up with a program and ensuring to have everything that you need including personnel to execute said program to the satisfaction of your client.

This will require a lot of phone calls and connections in order to fulfill your client’s needs. 

Having said that, to be a successful event and party planner, you need to have a good working relationship with people involved in this industry and you need to have impeccable communications and organizational skills too. 

You can be a one-man show or at least have an assistant with you to help you out. 



When you look up the word refurbished you’d immediately be bombarded by refurbished electronics and that’s because these are the things that are mostly getting refurbished and sold once again. 

Aside from electronics, well, almost anything may be technically refurbished.

And if you have the knack for refurbishing stuff then what you can accept to work on will depend on your skills. 

You can be a refurbished center where you work on stuff for clients for a fee or you can buy refurbished things and sell them again at a price that you can make a profit.

This takes skill, a lot of knowledge as well as patience.

This venture may also be a bit risky for there’s no real insurance that you’ll sell refurbished items except if they are really in high demand. 

Home Delivery Services

Home Delivery Services

Everything can be ordered online nowadays from food, electronics, clothing, you name it.

And with that comes the need for them to be delivered and we kid you not, starting a delivery business nowadays while can be a bit challenging, with the right strategies can prove to be very lucrative. 

All you need to do is to develop the proper branding, put up solid marketing strategies, and make sure to connect to as many partners as you can for you to have things to deliver.

The food delivery business alone is a mammoth all around the world especially in metropolitan areas where almost everyone will now rather have their food delivered rather than them buying it themselves. 

Times are changing and so we need to change with it for the better. Where to start? Pick a good color for your brand and next a mascot or logo. Make it memorable too. 


Business idea Manufacturing

A manufacturing business is any business that produces products for themselves or other companies. 

Some great ideas for a manufacturing business include a toy manufacturer, smartphone accessory maker, textile producer, woodworker, locksmith, and watermaker.

Manufacturers have to be great with computers, as they need CNC machines to perform the majority of their tasks. 

If you're capable of determining a CNC machine’s worth, you can find a used industrial-sized machine from a trusted supplier, like Revelation Machinery. 

The trick to a manufacturing business is finding a high-demand product. You’ll need to research your market and advertise successfully to attract customers.

On the other hand, you could just find clients willing to use your factory. With that said, you’ll need to rent a decent-sized warehouse to keep up with high-demand products.



With recycling, you can literally turn trash into cash. It’s not just a trend though or some money-making scheme, it should be a lifestyle for you. 

Recycling is good for the world we live in and it requires a lot of work that’s why it should be a passion as well.

Things to recycle? Well, aluminum, cardboard, junk mail, receipts, and electronics are on top of the list. 

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Wrapping up

Whatever unique business idea or venture you pick please keep in mind that perseverance and creativity under whatever amount of pressure are key.

You can’t give up right away if you’ve experienced some setbacks and you have to give it your all. 

A pro tip, pick whatever it is that you are passionate about and start from there. It’s hard to give up on something you are passionate about after all.

There will be frustrations, disappointments, and it won’t be easy. But rest assured that it will all be worth it in the end. 

Good luck and enjoy the ride!

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