141 Actionable SEO Guides, Articles, Case Studies and E-books

You Will admire this piece of content If you want to discover the powerful SEO Guides, Blog Post, Case Studies and E-book in one single place

What is most complicated in SEO is to find the right strategy, without wasting time, and to know what limit to ask in terms of aggressiveness.

Indeed, SEO is a real war, of which SERP is the battlefield. To rank and beat your  competitors, it will be necessary to deploy important technical means, know-how based on solid theoretical knowledge (algorithmic, knowledge of Google, semantics, knowledge of  audience, personas, market etc.).

All this is working on the long term, obviously, but it is necessary to leave with a maximum of Knowledge, Thus i come up with a good collection of Guides, case Studies, Blog posts and EBooks provide - i believe - Everything you need to know to become a natural SEO expert!

For those looking to save time and expand their SEO knowledge to the limits, pretty much everything is included in the best practice SEO guides, Case Studies, Blog posts and SEO E-books, So enjoy reading and share it.



These SEO guides provide educational articles describing best practices for a site to be well understood and Ranked


Articles and Blog Posts

These articles are ranked according to the total volume of social shares: twitter, facebook, google + and linkedin.

And beyond that, it will help you understand what worked in SEO and give you  inspiration.

If i missed a cool article please comment below ​


Case Studies

Case studies show on real life examples, real websites, projects and campaigns that something really works.

When based on truth and done  right , case studies can provide an in-depth and behind-the-scenes insights.

This motivated me to collect a comprehensive list of SEO case studies that prove best results.


Hope that you enjoyed the above list Of SEO Guides, Case Studies, Blog Posts and E-books, I think now its time to hear from you , let me know your opinion

If i Missed a good piece , happy to share and update my list.

Have you found anything that has helped you to raise your rankings, from the above list please share with me in the comments!

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  • christospapadimitriou

    Hello there!

    I just found your answer at quora.com. If you find it interesting, please add our case study for IYC.com. Find it here:


    Thank you!

    • aziz

      Hi christospapadimitriou thanks for the reply , is that landing page a case study itself ?

  • christospapadimitriou

    Thank you for the comment.

    Yes, it is the case study for the SEO of IYC.com

    • aziz

      hi Christospapadimitriou , do you have in plain texts like those i have mentioned above ?

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  • Brandyn Morelli

    Hello –

    I found a few 404 Errors on your resource links. I figured I would share so you can remove and not get dinged by Google.

    -​Free SEO guide for beginners – SEO in Practice
    -SEO for Blogs: the Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization
    -Follow these SEO trends for better rankings in 2016
    -Ecommerce SEO Guide & Best Practices
    ​-Search Engine Optimization starter guide [PDF]

    I’ve also finished up a step by step guide for WordPress SEO. If you find it valuable, feel free to include it in your resource list.

    WordPress SEO Guide [2017]: https://brandyn.co/wordpress-seo-guide-2017/

    All the best,


    • emarketing

      Hi Brandyn,

      Thanks for bringing my attention, i have noticed that , just waiting to settle some admin issues and will go to fix those broken links as well , sure will you link in the list soon

      Thanks aziz

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    • I would like to extend my deep thanks to mentioning my blog in your articles , benhaida