A2 Hosting Review – Pros & Cons of Using A2 Hosting


So, here’s my A2 Hosting review , and I’ve listed the strengths and weaknesses that it has.

Keep in mind that this is only according to what I think makes them a good web hosting service.

If you’re looking to develop your site even further, then this review might help you out when it comes to using A2 Hosting.

I’ve seen a lot of satisfied customers who have used and are still using A2 Hosting, and I think I’ve narrowed their strengths down to several points as to what makes A2 Hosting so ideal for anyone who is developing a website, whether professional or not.

Pros of A2 Hosting

Speed & Performance

Beginning with the strengths that A2 Hosting has, one of them is the speed.

A2 Hosting promises server speeds up to 20 times faster for all kinds of sites, whether run by experts or not. The Turbo Server option does just that. If not, there’s also the Swiftservers that also give you excellent site performance.

Customer Service

Another strength that A2 Hosting has is their ever reliable Customer Service team. This point might be very tricky, given that there are chances when the customer service team member might not respond to a query in the most ideal of ways, but so far, there are none.

They are available to answer to your questions and give you further information on the features and services that A2 Hosting has. And when I say available, they really are available 24/7 every day of the week. You can send a sup

Variety of Features

A2 Hosting, I think, prides itself in having so many features and options to accommodate anyone’s needs in a web hosting service. They have a total of 4 hosting services: shared, reseller, vps, and dedicated hosting.

Each of those hosting services come with three or four packages depending on the budget, so there are a lot of packages to choose from.

SSL certificates, developer hosting, domain registration and transfer are some more features that you can avail as well.

You can even choose to host several of the most popular software platforms in the world today, like WordPress, Drupal, OpenCart, Joomla, and Magento.

Some of the other features I have already laid out in the next few pros on this list, but it’s only because it is worth putting in a separate point.


Sometimes, web hosting services can seem a little too complex, even to developers. A2 Hosting is the opposite, and it is how they started when they first launched.

A2 Hosting has given developers a wide variety of features to choose from when they develop their sites.

From free Server Rewind backups in their Web Hosting plans or their A2 QuickInstallers on virtual servers.

A2 Hosting has the developers’ backs when it comes to getting a website up and running and each account made on the site is loaded with current versions of the tools that developers need.

It currently offers PHP 5.3 to 5.6, and 7.0 to 7.1, MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL 9.4, and Python 2.6, 2.7, and 3.2.

Green Hosting

Like many companies, they also support an environmental cause.

A2 Hosting has a FutureServe Green Hosting initiative as a partner of carbonfund.org since 2007, in an effort to battle the dangerous effects of climate change.

A2 Hosting’s Green Hosting initiative has 3 plans for developers to choose from: Lite, Swift, and Turbo, and all these are loaded with features for very reasonable rates per month.


One of the struggles site developers and administrators face when running a website is the downtime.

A2 Hosting promises a 99.9% Uptime guarantee, therefore minimizing the chances of your site experiencing some downtime.

They will get your site up and running, and they will make sure it stays that way. Little to no downtime means less stress for the developer.


Of course, you’ll want to know everything there is in a package before you choose your preferred type of web hosting.

In the shared hosting, you can find that A2 Hosting basically lists down every single feature that is available and not available in the three packages that it has in their comparison tables.

You’ll be able to know the features that will be enabled for you in whichever package you choose.

Global Orientation

Although A2 Hosting may primarily be based in the United States, they do have a total of 3 data centers in the world.

One is in their HQ in Michigan, the Europe data center is located in Amsterdam, and their data center in Asia is in Singapore.

And they offer their hosting services in 30 countries, so they always have something for your web hosting preferences.

A2 Hosting also accepts several currencies for their services (USD, CAD, MXN, GBP, EUR, and IRP) and accept payments via 2Checkout, Paypal, and Skrill.

Cons of A2 Hosting

Keep in mind that no web hosting service is perfect. If there was such a thing, then everyone would end up using that instead.

A2 Hosting does have its limitations, but I guess that there is a reason for that and these cons probably bring forward the strengths that A2 Hosting has.

These cons that I find in A2 Hosting are of course, according to my preference, and these cons may not exactly be so to others.


When it comes to pricing, especially for shared hosting for example, A2 Hosting gives a big discount when you sign up for the first time.

A2 Hosting’s Shared Hosting has three packages: Lite, which starts at $3.92 (formerly $7.99), Swift which starts at $4.90 (formerly $9.99), and Turbo that starts at $9.31 (formerly $18.99).

While the introductory price may be small, the renewal might break into your budget.

However, the upside to this is the quality and, especially in the case of the Swift and Turbo options, most of the features that come with the packages are unlimited, at least until such time as there can be no true unlimited service.

Naturally this could be said for the rest of the hosting services that A2 Hosting has. But, there is another con to this which I will explain in the next point.

Although this may not necessarily be a con, as most of the space will take up virtually instead of eat up your physical memory, so your computer’s disk space will not be affected as much.

If you prefer bigger disk space, you can consider switching to another type of hosting service that A2 Hosting has.

Overview on a2hosting Shared Hosting Plans

Here’s a quick rundown of the hosting plans offered by A2Hosting which comes with three main plans :

  • LITE : This plan costs $3.95 per month and allows one website and 10GB web space with unlimited transfer and free Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS via Let's Encrypt) as well Boost your site's performance and security with CDN for Free.
  • SWIFT: This plan costs $4,90 per month and allows multiple websites. It comes with unlimited web space, and they recommend using it if you get less than 25,000 Traffic visits monthly. This plan comes with 1 year free SSL certificate, 30 backup copies of your website and SuperCacher for improved speed.
  • TURBO : This plan costs $9.31 per month, it comes with unlimited Database and Storage with free SSL and SSD ,A2 Optimized Site Accelerator - Pre-Configured Site Caching : Powered by Turbo Cache Powered by APC/OPcache Powered and  by Memcached

Other Facts :

A2Hosting has a strong feature set if you are more technically biased. They have unlimited databases and email accounts.

They do daily backups, which is a good safety net feature when your own backups fail.hey do free transfer, free domain name for a year, and have a free site builder

They Provide a number of Applications and Free Cloudflare and i like Additionally, I like how they have a focus on the most popular content management systems like WordPress and Joomla, They are cutting edge on the latest, greatest product integrations.


Overall, A2 Hosting is one of the best web hosting services, and the pros above just give emphasis on why they are considered one of the best and have won awards for it.

A2 Hosting gives you a lot of options on what kind of web hosting suits your needs and the packages have a lot of perks to go with it.

Please try leave a review below if you’ve had any experience a2hosting. We do welcome all reviews –be it or positive or negative – as long as they’re transparent and honest and thanks for that.

Update : I no longer use A2Hosting, however above still stand and correct 

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