12 Tactics to increase Facebook shares organically


The shares serve to broaden the distribution of your content on Facebook and thus reach a wider audience ( more prospects and more sales). The issue of sharing on social networks is not just about Facebook, of course.

But Facebook is by far the largest social network in size and more suitable for content sharing. An article on Facebook shares can not be exhaustive.

There is so much to say ! this article is based on a fascinating study by BuzzSumo and OrDork about Why Content Goes Viral . Means majority of the statistics you will see here are taken from this study.

Before going into details,Here is the list of contents that are best shared on social networks:

  • infographics
  • videos
  • polemical articles
  • list-like numbered articles.
  • How to articles

So let's starts !



I see many blogs that offer more than 5 buttons social shares on their blogs.

This is a big mistake. Again, too many choices kill the choice.

I advise you to offer a maximum of 4 buttons social shares on your blog.

And, with few exceptions, some social networks will not bring you anything. 

Depending on your industry, one to two networks will drain most of your visits.

Why add a share button on Pinterest so that your articles contain very few images?

Why add a share button on LinkedIn if you have a blog about humor? Useless to be everywhere.

Take the time to analyze your target and publish your content in places where are your prospects!


your post leads to more Facebook shares

The first advice to increase the number of shares on Facebook is this: Illustrate your articles and posts with pictures.

A publication that contains an image is more likely to be shared: A Facebook post containing visuals will be much more visible in your fans newsfeed.

Quality images are powerful in catching the eye, You know that !

Recall that there are two ways to view a photo in your Facebook posts:

Select a small (thumbnail) proposed by Facebook. When you copy and paste the URL, Facebook lets you choose a picture image among the images in the article.

Or Import an image manually from your computer, click "Photo / Video".

Choose quality images that attract attention. If you choose a thumbnail, check the one that is displayed correctly and that it is not cropped.

Here is the optimum size for images on Facebook:

  • 1200 x 627 for miniature
  • 200 x 900 for images downloaded from your computer.


    You want your fans to share your Facebook publications?

    There is a simple solution: ask them directly to do that .

    Feel free in your message to encourage users to share your content like end of the post "Do not hesitate to share if you like," or "We count on you to spread the info! "Etc.

    Depending on your target, you can even be more original. Example: "Will you have the courage to share this article? ".

    Think creatively!

    These call to action formulas work very well. Here be careful to say so if your content is not useful or of bad quality.

    First, nobody will continue reading it and  they will not reach your call to action. Got my point !

    You can also encourage users to share your ''secret content'' . For example, install a WordPress plugin social locker. Internet users will click on a social sharing button to access private content.


    The same post will not have the same impact following the publication of timing chosen. It is, therefore, important to choose the timing of its publications.

    Quicksprout published an interesting infographic on the subject of the timing of publications on social networks.​

    First, we see that the timing is not the same in terms of social networks. As for Facebook, we have noticed the below :

    Must publish preferably between 13h and 20h.

    The most effective day is Thursday and Friday.

    Avoid publish on weekends or weekdays before 8 am or after 20h.

    We sometimes read that the best performing days are Tuesday and Thursday. According to the study BuzzSumo is Tuesday, which ranks first, followed by Monday:

    Also, Coschedule Builds wonderful articles about the best timing to post on social media including facebook based on 16 studies . 

    In fact, the right timing depends on your audience and your target. To find the ideal timing and increase your rate of shares on Facebook, we recommend two things:

    Experiment by publishing at times and on different days. Then locate the timings that best promote the shares.

    In the statistics of Facebook, you will know when your fans are online. This lets you quickly detect the hours and days that perform well.

    Use fan page karma to find the optimal timing tailored to your audience.


    The insert of figures in the titles of your articles can significantly boost the number of shares on social networks.

     Moreover, analyze the items that got more shares and you will see that often there are articles with numbers. If you don't have one create one.

    So when there is chance include numbers in your titles. Whether to list a number of techniques, a percentage or figures and see.

    For instance, instead of saying "how to increase your website traffic," say rather "11 techniques to increase your website traffic"

    Yess , have you seen it, using number got more than 200 shares on facebook only !


    number of share buttons

    Another tip: put visibly the sharing buttons on your website.

    So that person who read your articles can easily share it on their personal page without having to search them or copy the link.

    Test locations for the display of your buttons to determine the most effective places.

    Think also to highlight these buttons in your marketing emails. People receiving your emails are by definition people who like your content.

    They will have a greater propensity to share your articles.

    Also, make sure the sharing buttons are mobile responsive and do not disrupt reading your articles.


    To increase the number of shares on Facebook, create and promote interaction with your fans and followers.

    One technique is to challenge your fans directly.

    Intelligently Calling your fans to share your content is in itself a way to create interaction.

    You can also ask questions in your posts.

    When one wants to trigger a response from a person, there is no simpler and more effective solution than to ask him a question.

    Another plus: do not hesitate to use the exclamation points.

    Question marks and exclamation points are called "emotional punctuations."

    They bring an element of "heat" and even of "humanity" that encourages a reaction.


    On Facebook, unlike Twitter, you can write very long messages ... but it's a bad idea to do so .

    It is necessary that the user can quickly understand your message. We must go fast and be effective.

    Facebook itself says a message from 100-250 words harvesting on average of 60% more likes compared to a message longer.

    The ideal is to make as short and punchy as possible while still managing to deliver the message.


    The BuzzSumo study shows that the number of shares on Facebook fall from 96% to 99% after three days.

    It is therefore strongly advised to regularly republish your content ... provided of course that these are not dated articles.

    Do not try to republish news articles. According to BuzzSumo, it is recommended to wait ten days before publishing your content.

    For items with high potential, you can plan several republications spread over time.

    Use tools like Hootsuite, for example, to simplify your life and plan ahead the rerelease.

    Try to vary your maximum message each republication. For example, put forward each time a different angle of the article.

    This will interest fans or followers who did not feel concerned by previous posts. Do not hesitate to vary the illustration image as well.


    Source BuzzSumo and okdork

    Source BuzzSumo and okdork

    Play on emotion. BuzzSumo was interested in 10,000 articles that have generated the largest number of shares.

    The conclusion that has emerged is that the items that share the best are those that convey emotion.

    All emotions are not equal to this view.

    According to the study, it is the wonder / stupor ( "awe"), laughter and fun that are most effective.

    Conversely, posts that convey sadness or anger, for example, are generally less shared.

    Therefore, you should rather play positive emotions to increase your chances of seeing your posts shared by your fans.

    Related Topic : Five interesting psychological marketing tactics


    facebook share based on influencer

    The study BuzzSumo Ordork and focuses on one point: the impact of influencers.

    According to the study, a person whose tweets are shared on average at least twice is, therefore, meet the concept of "influencer".

    We learned quite logically that publications that are shared by influencers get more interaction and shares.

    The study concerns here about shares on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

    For example, we see that a publication shared by 3 influencers will have an average twice the total shares that a publication which is shared by one influencer.

    Pro Tip: try to make direct contact with influencers. The objective is that several influencers regularly share your content.

    This will add weight to your publications and will positively impact your authority.


    For maximum social sharing, start sharing your content everywhere yourself. I invite you to :

    send your articles via email to your newsletter subscribers

    talk about your content (only the best) in Facebook and LinkedIn groups

    If you can, create a video version of your articles and stream video on YouTube

    Create a new topic on forums and copy your article in


    All content types are not housed in the same boat. Some are shared more easily than others.

    According to BuzzSumo, are the graphics and items to lists that share the better. Some sites like Buzzfeed have understood and happily surfing that wave.

    If you want to increase the number of shares on social networks, especially on Facebook, you know what you have to do!

    Note that the items as a question ( "Why ..."What ...", etc.) are also in a good position.


    Even if this study is very interesting and highlights some salient features, it is recommended not to take these results for granted and follow blindly .

    Instead, I recommend you to pay attention to the habits of your own prospects and determine for yourself what are the drivers for optimization of your Facebook publications.

    The best way to proceed is to use this study as a starting guide and vary your publications (type, time of publication, length, etc.) to see what works best in your case.

    The most important are to base on the habits of your community!

    Second important aspect: each social network should be subject to a specific use.

    Otherwise, what is the interest for a user to follow you on different platforms? Discover now on what social media you should focus your marketing efforts.

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